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Three’s A Trend | Scientific Soft Serve

By Ellen Seah
6th May 2016

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Melbourne is fascinated (cough, obsessed) with extravagant food. No longer is it socially acceptable to Instagram an innocent ice cream unless it’s adorned with fairy floss, hot Nutella and/or a dancing rainbow-coloured unicorn. To help you along your way to Insta-fame, we’ve rounded up the best scientific gelato and soft serve perfect for pimping up your feed. Get them before the sun goes on winter vacation.

Milkcow Pop Up


Healthier than ice cream and creamier than gelato, soft serve is making a comeback in Melbourne with the launch of Milkcow. Known across Asia and America for their organic, decadently creamy soft serve, their fairy-floss clouds, Italian caramel syrup and French macarons are a few of the diet-un-friendly topping choices. Head into this neon-lit, diner-style pop up on Driver Lane and order a Santorini with a base of vanilla soft serve, Oreo crumbs, pistachio, hazelnuts, Italian tropical syrup and a fairy floss umbrella. The likes will come rolling in.



Named after the form of glucose dextrose (nerdy, right?), Dex2rose uses liquid nitrogen to freeze their liquid gelato bases to order. Expect a permanent pun-tastic gelato menu including the Bee-ch Better Have My Honey (honey, lavender, honeycomb and a choc top) and the Salty Camel (not a typo) with salted caramel gelato, caramel popcorn, nut clusters and salted caramel sauce. Housed in a warm, industrial space with open concrete floors, aqua table legs and sleek white tiles, Melbourne’s newest nitrogen gelateria also serves a non-alcoholic Nitrogen cider and Nitro brew. With limited quantities available everyday, we can’t go past the Nutella Bomb with Nutella gelato, Earl Grey cream and chewy Hazelnut Caramel.

N2 Gelato

CBD, Fitzroy

The founder (at least in Melbourne) of scientific gelato, these goggle-donned workers pump out liquid nitrogen creations in Fitzroy and the CBD. Menus (perhaps frustratingly) rotate weekly at both venues with at least two completely new flavours. When the red velvet reappears I’ll be temporarily living on a strict diet of N2 Gelato. Past flavour favourites include the Ferrero Rocher gelato with homemade Nutella, strawberry and feta gelato, and the questionable beer and cuttlefish flavour. Hey, we don’t know what you’re into...

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Image credit: Meld Magazine

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