Three’s A Trend | Squid Ink Dishes

By Sophie Colvin
22nd Jul 2016

Squid Ink

Lately we’ve seen more and more black, sticky, inky delights popping up on Melbourne menus. Sometimes they’re reasonably standard (think pasta and risotto) other times it’s a completely mystifying addition. Either way, we’re totally on board the squid ink trend; you’ll find three of our favourites below.

Ink Pizza | A25

The good folk at A25 have an epic selection of pizzas, but one of our standout favourites is the very aptly named ‘Ink’. The squid ink base is topped with mozzarella, tiger prawns, calamari, chilli broccolini, cherry tomatoes and parsley. The flavour combination packs a punch and it’s ‘grammable to boot.

Lobster Bisque Benedict | The Crux & Co

Melbourne’s newest cafe has been the absolute flavour of the minute recently, and it’s no wonder when you check out the menu. We recently feasted on their bisque benedict which really was unlike any other brunch dish we’ve experienced. It’s a dish of prawns, poached eggs and a lobster bisque hollandaise, all sitting pretty on top of squid ink toast. It’s how we’d always like our toast, thanks.

Black Pearl Croissant | Agathe Patisserie

Agathe Patisserie is the absolute master when it comes to interesting pastry flavours. Not afraid to put some unexpected twists on old favourites, they’re dishing up the Black Pearl—a croissant that’s been coloured and flavoured with squid ink. Talk about the ultimate sweet-meets-savoury combination.  

Image Credit: Michelle Jarni for The Urban List

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