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6 Thrifty Foodie Hacks For Living The High Life On A Budget

By Sophie Oddo
1st Feb 2019

Let’s be real, food is not just a passion but a lifestyle. That’s why together with Zomato Gold we’ve rounded up 6 foodie tips on how to get the most for your dollars, or even save some, when it comes to relishing Melbourne’s cuisine.

#1 Give Yourself The Gold Treatment

There’s nothing like a good deal to assist us in making our exy foodie dreams come true. Which is why we're all well and truly jumping on board Zomato Gold, which lets us snap up two-for-one dishes or four-for-two drinks at selected Gold partner restaurants and bars. The best part? You can claim it any time on any day at over 450 partnered venues for just $39 for six months or $59 for 12 months. Now that’s thrifty.

#2 Dine Where The Deals Are

Good chance is that on any given day of the week, there’s a restaurant or pub near you serving up a damn good deal. So if you’re clever about when and where you dine, you’ll be able to stretch your budget to delicious new heights. Some of our favourite cheap eats are at Auntie Franklee who serve up mouth-watering Malaysian eats with a twist and Burnley Brewing in Richmond who are known for making a mean housemade pastas and burgers (alongside a cold beer of course). And if you're still looking for the ultimate cheap feed, make a beeline for Hofbrauhas and take advantage of their deliciously huge German feeds like pork knuckles, schnitzels and of course, sausages. Oh, and let's not forget you can enjoy two-for-one dishes or four-for-two drinks every day of the week at these restaurants and 450 others when you're a Zomato Gold member.

#3 Peruse The Menu Prior

Ever been faced with the relentless pressure of placing an order when you're unprepared? Same here. Which is why it is essential to jump online and check out the menu beforehand. This means you can avoid being stung with hidden costs, know exactly what you're after and then budget accordingly. Scoping out the deliciousness prior to the date allows you to really weigh up if you'd rather go the extra side of bacon and halloumi, or another mimosa. First World problems, right?

#4 Plan Your Week

Preparation is key, so at the beginning of each week, budget a weekly spend so you can prioritise where to best spend your delicious dollars. If you know you’ve got a lot on weeknights, avoid doing a big grocery shop that’s only going to go to waste. Similarly, if you know you’ll be slogging it out in the office all week, plan ahead and get your shopping and meal prep done so you can save your hard-earned dollars for meals that matter. 

#5 BYO Booze

When you find yourself with too much month at the end of your money but simply can’t pass up the idea of dinner and drinks, BYO restaurants are always a good idea. With most restaurants only charging a small corkage fee per person, you’ll be sure to save some big bucks. For top-notch Vietnamese, head to Top Choice Eatery for a cafe-style Chinese feast, Sarang has you sorted with BYO wine all week long.

#6 Don’t Over Order

If like us, you’re a serial over-orderer, this is one tip you’ll definitely need to try and master to relieve your pocket (and your waistline). To avoid a classic case of “eye’s too big for your stomach”, limit yourself to ordering one meal (yes, that means no sides or entrées), despite how starving you may feel at the time. Wasted food means wasted dollars, so if you’re still feeling peckish, you can always order more afterwards. But chances are, that huge parma and mountain of chips you’ve ordered is going to fill you up, just fine. 

Ready to get your foodie fix on a budget? Sign up for Zomato Gold to score two dishes for the price of one at more than 450 of Melbourne’s best restaurants. Please note Zomato Gold deals cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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