Coming Soon: Truck Stop Deluxe

By Stephen A Russell
10th Jul 2015

Holy truck, the burger-loving duo behind Bourke Street’s Grand Trailer Park Taverna, Dani Zeini and Josh Lefers, have teamed up with Jimmy Hurlston of Jimmy’s Burgers and Easey’s, hit the high road and headed out west.

The trio have pulled over in Werribee’s Watton Street with Truck Stop Deluxe bringing real good burgers to the western suburbs’ hungry hordes. Zeini says their zany menu and pick-up fit-out, complete with truck cab booths, is all about bringing the fun back into dining out with your best burger-loving mates.

It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd in Melbourne’s burger-saturated scene, but Zeini’s been working overtime on brand new truckers’ delights and he says the venue, which literally houses a couple of cut up trucks, is all about reclaiming a sense of playfulness.

“Us boys have always been fascinated by big trucks,” Zeini smiles. “Even now, when we look at one, we go ‘wow,’ so we just wanted to have some fun with that in this space. A burger isn’t a serious meal.”

Working to their own secret recipe using premium Victorian beef minced fresh daily, Zeini is convinced Truck Stop Deluxe can stand out from the crowd, with their menu heavy on expecting the unexpected. “Some may even be silly,” he admits. “We’re really going to experiment and some might not work, but others definitely will.

“Melbourne is so well-supplied, burger-wise, so we wanted to offer a good, wholesome, quality meal at a reasonable price, where $20 will get you a burger, fries and a drink in a fun environment.”

Grand Trailer Park Taverna’s house of carbs favourite, the Francis Underwood, packing a beef pattie, cheddar, tomato and a mac and cheese croquette, will carry over to Truck Stop Deluxe. Several new additions include, appropriately enough, the vegetarian pattie dubbed Claire Underwood, which will rock a new potato-based bun.

“It’ll be the ultimate veggie burger,” Zeini says. “The bun has low-starch content so it allows you to eat it comfortably without getting that real heavy feeling afterwards.”

Admitting that as a young lad he was overly fond of the Maccas cheeseburger, Zeini says the Truck Stop Deluxe version zooms past it in the fast lane. “Two of them and fries and I’m happy,” he laughs.

Desserts will also show off Zeini’s flare for the creative, including an ice cream doughnut sandwich, but it’s the spiked milkshakes that have us most excited. Alcohol plus milkshake is a win win combination in our book.

The Kinder Surprise blends Bailey’s and Frangelico with quality ice cream and Gippsland milk, garnished with a Kinder egg. There’s also a lemon cheesecake version that tastes like the real deal, blending a slice of cake with Limoncello, whipped cream and crumbled cookies.

Zeini’s favourite is the maple bacon salted caramel shake with Maker’s Mark bourbon and garnished with a maple syrup-coated pork belly bacon rasher. “The maple bacon really works, even if it sounds weird,” he insists, and who are we to argue? 

Truck Stop Deluxe opens July 22nd

Image Credit: Grand Trailer Park Taverna

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