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How To | The Ultimate, Luxe Truffle Recipe!

By Rachel Lay
31st Mar 2017

If throwing a dinner party to impress the pants off your guests is your aim, then truffles should be your game. This (not so) humble ingredient has the ability to elevate even the most modest shin-dig into a bona fide social occasion and is sure to raise your host cred to new heights.

We’ve teamed up with fellow truffle fanatics, Red Rock Deli—whose new Sea Salt and Truffle chips have just dropped and changed our snack standards forever—to bring you this very fancy guide to throwing a celebration of all things truffle.

Everyday I’m trufflin’ (sorry, we had to).

How To | Buffalo Ricotta Gnocchi 

Truffle has a reputation for being a tricky ingredient, but this common misconception could not be further from the truth. A fresh truffle is so easy to incorporate into a recipe, but the kudos you’ll receive from your guests will be outright shameful. We picked the brains of Toorak's +39 Pizzeria's chef Nicola to put together this delicious Buffalo Ricotta Gnocchi.


500g Buffalo Ricotta (we love That's Amore Buffalo Ricotta)
200g All Purpose Plain flour
Good quality butter
3 sprigs of fresh thyme 
100g Parmigiano Reggiano 
Fresh truffle 


The Gnocchi

1. Kneed flour, a pinch of salt, and ricotta together. Use a bowl and your hands, or simply combine the ingredients on your bench. Add your parmesan here, too. 
2. Get your Julia Childs on and quenelle the ricotta mix into even portions and set aside as you wait for your water to boil.
3. Using a mandolin, finely slice the truffle. If you don't have one, a grater works just as well. 
4. Delicately drop the ricotta quenelles into the water for 30 seconds. Then, remove with a slotted spoon and pop on a plate. Bonus tip: don't cook any more than three quenelles at once!
5. Grate parmesan over the quenelles 
6. Carefully place the sliced truffle over the quenelles. 

The Sauce

1. Melt around 100g of good quality butter in a saucepan
2. Once melted and bubbling, remove from the heat and add your time sprigs into the butter. Stir lightly. 
3. When the butter begins to froth, pour it over the dish. Be sure to let the sauce soak into each quenelle. 

Garnish with a pinch of flaked sea salt, and voila—you're done! How easy (and delicious) was that?!

Need an excuse to get your chef's hat on? Here's how to make an evening out of it!

At this stage, you're probably feeling pretty chuffed with your epic cooking feat and are just dying to show it off. The only solution is to gather your friends and make an evening out of it. Kick the night off with truffle themed hors d'oevre like Red Rock Deli's newest flavour launch, Sea Salt and Black Truffle. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a party and not being greeted with a drink (OK, some things are worse. We’re being dramatic.) But not just any drink pairs well with the heady scent of truffle. If you’d like to wine-match your evening, here’s a handy guide to wine and snack pairings we prepared earlier. 

And that, my friends, is how you whip up a seriously luxe truffle dish. Nigella, who?!

Hungry? Find out where you can get your hands on Red Rock Deli’s chips here

Video produced by Andrew Englisch, Image credit Andrew Englisch. 

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