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Where To Play Two-Up In Melbourne This ANZAC Day

By James Shackell
22nd Apr 2018


The whole history of Two-Up is kind of interesting. According to Two-Up legislation (yep, that’s a real thing) it’s only to legal to play it one day of the year (ANZAC Day), and then only in RSL Clubs or venues approved by the Minister For Gambling. Apparently anyone who plays Two-Up illegally can get away with it if they didn’t know it was illegal (but we’ve kind or torpedoed that here, so...yeah).

Anyway, if you find yourself in a pub or RSL on ANZAC Day this year, and there’s a ring of blokes screaming and throwing coins in the air, you’ll know why. It’s Two-Up. The ancient and noble Australian tradition of betting a lot of money on complete random chance.

Here’s all the places to play Two-Up in Melbourne this ANZAC Day.

How To Play Two-Up

First things first, eh? The rules of Two-Up are pretty simple.

  1. Put on a clichéd Akubra hat. If there aren’t corks swinging from the brim, you’re gonna look like a proper drongo.
  2. Place two coins on the paddle (or ‘skip’). The person doing this is called the ‘spinner’.
  3. Gather round and yell out your bets. ‘Tennahead’ means you’re betting $10 on both coins landing heads up.
  4. Want to take someone’s bet? Lock eyes and and wave your cash at them. Whoever bet heads holds the cash.
  5. The ‘boxer’ (ref) will yell ‘Come in spinner!’, which means all bets are off. The paddle gets flicked up and you see which way the coins fall.
  6. If you bet tails and they’re both tails, you win. If they’re both heads, you lose. If it’s half-half, they flip again.
  7. Repeat until you're out of money.

Where To Play Two-Up In Melbourne

There are a bunch of RSL clubs and pubs running Two-Up comps as part of their celebrations this year. If you want to see if your local chapter is getting in on the act, just give them a call. In the meantime, here are some of our favourites.

The Corner Hotel

The Corner always puts on a good show. It’s so close to the ‘G you can practically hear the crowd roar. Expect to see hundreds of people cheering the Bomber and booing the Pies, BBQ in the beer garden from midday and Two-Up at the front bar. No bookings, so get in early.

Where: 57 Swan St, Richmond
When: Two-Up from 12pm in the Front Bar
For more info, click here.  


This one’s usually pretty popular with men and women who marched in the Dawn Service. There’ll be more medals flying around than Ian Thorpe’s mum’s garage sale. You can get brekky in the restaurant from a sprightly 7am, and the Two-Up will kick off at midday.

Where: The Mail Exchange, 688 Bourke St
When: Two-Up from 12pm
For more info, click here.


ANZAC Day is always a big one atThe Prahran RSL. Prahran is actually one of the oldest RSL clubs in the country (good trivia) and they’re known for a rowdy game of Two-Up. This year there’ll be raffles, BBQ lunches, live tunes and plenty of coin tossing.

Where: Prahran RSL, 301 High St Prahran
When: All day
For more info, click here


Got kids? Caulfield RSL might be your best bet. They’re starting the day with a march down St Georges Rd at 6:15am, then an ANZAC service at 7am. After that, it’s BBQ lunch and Two-Up from midday. There’s also gonna be a magician, balloon artist and face painting for the kiddies.

Where: Caulfield RSL, 4 St Georges Rd, Elsternwick
When: Two-Up from 12pm
For more info, click here.  


It doesn’t matter how many train tunnels they dig nextdoor, Young & Jackson will be PACKED on ANZAC Day. The central location pretty much guarantees it. The Two-Up circle usually gets rolling in Chloe’s bar from around 10am, with live music kicking on till the wee hours.

Where: Young & Jackson, Swanston & Flinders
When: Two-Up from 10am.
For more info, click here.

Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL Club

Live down Bayside way? You want to head to the charming Cheltenham Moorabbin RSL Club, on Centre Dandenong Rd. They’ll be kicking running Two-Up for an hour, from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.  

Where: 289 Centre Dandenong Rd
When: Between 3:30pm and 4:30pm
For more info, click here.

Darebin RSL

Northsiders, this is your spot. The Darebin RSL in Preston isn’t running any special ANZAC Day party, but there will be Two-Up in the afternoon (and plenty of cold froths at the bar). Head down and try your luck.

Where: 402 Bell St, Preston
When: After midday
For more info, click here

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Image credit: The Fox Hotel

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