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Melbourne Is Getting A Massive Surf Park And We’re Stoked

By Marina Nazario
22nd Feb 2018

Pay attention all you dudes and dudettes. Something extremely gnarly is coming to Melbourne and we just can’t wrap our heads around it. URBNSURF, the company behind Australia’s first surf parks, is coming to Melbourne and that means we’re gettin’ some man-made swells. Pitted.

URBNSURF Melbourne is building a MASSIVE lagoon (the size of MCG to be exact) where you can ride perfectly timed waves that you’ve only dreamt about. The pool will be pumpin' out 1,000 perfect, 2m high ocean-like surfing waves EVERY HOUR. It can host up to 84 surfers per hour across SIX different surfing zones to give you time and space to shred the gnar.

It’s not only going to be a pool. Oh, no. It’s going to be a HUGE park complete with a multi-outlet food and bar precinct, concept retail store, fully-equipped surf and hire shop, night surfing *pause for breath* a surfing academy, high-performance coaching and training options, fitness classes, festivals and events AND a beach club. Sounds like we could live here. (And become the next Kelly Slater.)

This 28.3 million project will begin construction next month *praise hands emoji*.  Get amped coz waves should be crankin' out by Easter 2019. No floaters here.

The Details

Where: Melbourne Airport 
When: March 2019
Why: Because Melbourne > Sydney 
For more info, click here.

Image credit: URBNSURF

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