Want To Try Coffee Caviar? Here’s Where To Get It This Week

By Ellen Seah - 09 Mar 2016

coffee caviar lavazza

Not to bark up our own tree, but Melburnians can get pretty creative when push comes to (caffeinated) shove. From your morning double shot long black to your afternoon Tiramisu, or your evening espresso martini to your iced latte before bed, it’s impressive how much caffeine we can fit into 24 hours without an artery malfunctioning.

Just when you thought we had reached the pinnacle of coffee related things, internationally renowned chef Ferran Adrià is behind the coffee caviar creation that Lavazza have brought to Melbourne this week... Like we really needed another excuse for a fifth caffeine hit!

The brill’ brainchild of Lavazza and Adrià himself, coffee caviar is created using the molecular gastronomic technique 'spherification' (don’t try it at home). Served on a delicate spoon and propped onto some sweet velvety cream, the caviar consists of tiny balls that pop and explode with coffee liquid upon consumption. It’s the best thing since flat whites, tbh.

Coffee caviar will be available everyday at the Lavazza Café Bar outside the VAMFF runway show: plus, it's open to the public, so you can soak in the fashion this week with a serving (or seven) of coffee caviar. Lavazza’s cremespresso with milk and sorbet, or the Lavazza Espresso Martini, is also offered for guests who prefer their drinks a little stronger.

D.O.C. Gastronomia Italiana’s menu will feature at the Lavazza Café Bar, offering Italian delights including a tasting plate with San Daniele prosciutto, Parmagiano Reggiano, house made focaccia with tuna, Sicilian caper, mayo and a four-vegetable shot.

VAMFF runway tickets are still available, so you might as well turn it into a night. With this abundance of pre-runway coffee, you can hardly go wrong. 

For VAMFF runway tickets check out the website. The Lavazza Café Bar will be open 8-11 March from 4pm until 11pm, and the 12-13 March from 10.30am - 11pm. 

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