What’s Open Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday | 2014 Edition

By Alice Raitt
6th Jun 2014

God save the Queen… and maybe give us a three-day weekend while you're at it? Yes, please, thank you! This Queen's Birthday doesn't have to be all tea and crumpets (although that doesn't sound too shabby) with our list of what's open this Queen's Birthday public holiday.

Recover from that Sunday sesh with Monday brekkie that doesn't have a 'Mc' in front of it – you're better than that and you know it. Take your pick of eggs in the morning from a cool cafe, amazing Italian pizza for lunch, or grab some hair of the dog at one of our faves below. There is definitely something for everyone and yes, we promise it will be open!

Without further ado, here's our handy, but nowhere near exhaustive, list of restaurants and cafes open on the Queen's Birthday public holiday.

Penny Farthing Espresso, Northcote, 7am-4:30pm

Industry Beans, Fitzroy, open 8am-4pm

Neighbours, St Kilda, open 6:30am-4pm

Common Galaxia, Seddon, open 8am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3)

Dead Man Espresso, South Melbourne, open 8am-3pm (kitchen closes at 2)

Sourdough Kitchen, Seddon, open 7am-3pm

The Pantry, Brighton, open 7:30am-4pm

Royale Brothers, Brighton, open 11am-9pm

Pillar of Salt, Richmond, open 8am-5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm)

Touchwood, Richmond, open 7:30am–4pm

Chez Dré, South Melbourne, open 7:30am-4:30pm

Bluebird Espresso, Collingwood, open 9am-3pm

Duchess of Spotswood, Spotswood, open 9am-3pm

Batch Espresso, Balaclava, open 7am-4:30pm 

Hammer & Tong 412, Fitzroy, open 7am-4pm

Estelle, Northcote, open for dinner 6pm until late

The Atlantic, Southbank, open 12pm-3pm for lunch and 6pm-11pm for dinner

Newmarket Hotel, St Kilda East, open 12pm- 1am

Gazi, Melbourne CBD, open 11am until late

Fat Penguin, Kew East, open 8am-3pm

Chin Chin, Melbourne CBD, open 11am until late

Baby, Richmond, open 7am-11pm

MoVida, Melbourne CBD, open 6pm until late

Milk the Cow, St Kilda, open 2pm-10pm

400 Gradi, Brunswick, open 12pm-11pm 

Las Chicas, Balaclava, open 7am-5pm

Three Bags Full, Abbotsford, open 8am-4:30pm

The Merrywell, Southbank, open for dinner 5pm-10pm

Charlie Dumpling, Windsor, open 12pm-3pm for lunch, 5:30pm until late for dinner

City Wine Shop, Melbourne CBD, open 7am-11pm

Laksa King, Flemington, open 5pm until late

Vlado's, Richmond, open from 6pm for dinner

Feast of Merit, Richmond, open 7am-11pm

DOC Pizza, Carlton, open 5pm until late

Donovans, St Kilda, open 12pm-5:30pm for lunch, 6pm-1am for dinner

France-Soir, South Yarra, open 12pm-12am

Builders Arms Hotel, Fitzroy, open 11am-1am, with lunch starting at 12pm (kitchen closes at 10pm)

Stalactites, Melbourne CBD, open 12am-12pm

Flower Drum, Melbourne CBD, open 12pm-3pm for lunch, 6pm-11pm for dinner

The Coffee Shed at the Anchorage, Willamstown, open 8am-4pm

Footscray Milking Station, Footscray, open 7am-3pm

Proud Mary, Collingwood, open 8am-4pm 

Top Paddock, Richmond, open 8am-4pm

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne, open 7am-5pm

Duke's Coffee Roasters, Prahran, open 8am-4pm

The Grain Store, Melbourne CBD, open 8am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)

Oscar Cooper, Prahran, open 8am-5pm 

Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder, Richmond, 7am-5pm

Urban Provedore, South Yarra, open 8am-5pm

Crabapple Kitchen, Hawthorn, open 7am-5pm

Einstein's 251, Caulfield, open 8am-5pm (kitchen closes at 4pm)

Einstein's Relative, South Yarra, open 6:30am-4pm

Fifty Acres, Richmond, open 8am-4pm 

Thr1ve, Melbourne CBD, open 9am-6pm 

Captain Baxter, St Kilda Beach, open 12pm until late

Republica, St Kilda Beach, open 12pm until late

Kanteen, South Yarra, open 8am-4pm

Arcadia, Fitzroy, open 9am-5pm 

Code Black Coffee, Brunswick, open 7am-5pm

Cru, Kew, open 8am-4pm

Hawthorn Common, Hawthorn, open 7am-4pm

The Little Ox, Brighton, open 6:30am-5pm (Kitchen open 7am-4:30pm)  

The Final Step, South Yarra, open 9am-1pm

Ora, Kew, open 7am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm) 

Everyday Coffee, Collingwood, open 8am-5pm

The Pour Kids, Malvern, open 7am-3pm 

Station Street Trading Co., Port Melbourne, open 7:30am-3pm

Main image credit: Sergeants Blog

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