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Where To Get Melbourne’s Best On-Tap Cocktails

By Ellen Seah
18th Mar 2016

on tap cocktails melbourne

Flowing Espresso Martini? Negroni from a faucet? We’re going to go ahead and declare it now: a cocktail on-tap is the best thing this decade. Jump on the on-tap cocktail bandwagon (you know you want to). Here’s where to get Melbourne’s best cocktails from a tap.



No longer reserved for beers, the keg at esteemed Melbourne bar Arbory pumps out Nitro Espresso Martini’s all weekend. A chilled concoction of Ketel One vodka, Kahlua and cold drip coffee charged with nitrogen, we can totally vouch for this sexy espresso cocktail. Grab one (or three) and sneak onto the timber bench at Melbourne’s longest bar to soak up the last of summer.

The Noble Experiment


MORE Espresso Martinis?! Yes, more Espresso Martinis. Everyone gets an Espresso Martini! The Noble Experiment’s delectable Spiced-Rum version is one of the first in (what we seriously hope is) a lineup of on-tap cocktails at Smith Street’s triple threat establishment. Part restaurant, part bar, part cocktail lounge, The Noble Experiment’s on-tap cocktail is the cherry on the ideal foodie space. 

Meatball and Wine Bar


Warm and rustic, with meatballs like your nonna used to make, next time you swing by Smith Street’s Meatball and Wine Bar for your weekly spaghetti, order some from-the-tap Negroni. Made in-house with top-notch spirits and liquors, getting your favourite meatball and your favourite cocktail in one meal does sound awfully appealing.

Jungle Boy


A cosy, tropical-themed bar in Windsor, the Jungle Boy team aren’t lost in the woods when it comes to cocktails. Their on-tap Negroni (it comes out chilled), is poured over ice and served with garnish. We dare you to spot the difference.



The Mamasita team know that kegs are now for cocktails. Offering two on-tap blends—the Paloma, a mix of Trombla blanca, grapefruit, lime, sugar and a salt rim on the rocks; and Tequito, a mint infused Herradura blanco with lime, sugar and mint on the rocks—Mamasita’s cocktails are a refreshingly sweet ‘n sour combo that might have you reaching for a jug. Yes, they sell jugs. Consider yourself warned.

Le Bon Ton


There’s a lot to like about Le Bon Ton, from their meltingly tender pit-smoked meats to friendship breaking mac and cheese. But it’s their creative, post-prohibition Hurricane cocktail that gets us trotting back every time. Served on-tap (of course), this combo of Havana Club 7, fresh pressed citrus, passionfruit and pomegranate is served long. Cheers!

Lady Carolina

Brunswick East

The signature Sex And The City breakup slash girls-night drink, the classic, lemon-y margarita is available on-tap from Brunswick East’s top Latin American restaurant. Featuring vibrant, spice-packed Latino flavours, your fourth margarita will go well (very well) with Lady Carolina’s Tuna Ceviche Nikkei with kale and laver, or the Lechon Asado suckling pig.

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Image credit: Arbory Facebook page

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