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Where To Get Specialty Coffee Drinks In Melbourne

By Melanie Host
8th May 2017


Are your taste buds tingling for something a little different? If you're a bit over the strong lattes and soy caps, then here’s one for the ‘gram: our list of the most visually spectacular (and delicious!) specialty drinks in Melbourne.

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster | Matcha Flossy


You've probably already heard of Hash's incredible hot chocolate (more love for the hot choccie fans over here). But for those who’ve been living under a rock, it’s a delectable Mörk hot choc in a beaker, ready to PIY (pour-it-yourself) over an Insta-worthy fairy floss mountain, phone in other hand recording the whole thing. In April 2017, Hash FINALLY brought in the green version, known as the Matcha Flossy.

Long Story Short | Matcha White Choc Sphere

Port Melbourne

But wait, there’s more to pour! Long story short, it’s best to keep that phone handy when you mercilessly drown your Sisko white chocolate sphere and marshmallows with piping hot matcha latte. It's a magic melt. 

Baxter’s Lot | Mars Bar Infused Vodka


An explosion of taste named the Naughty Nana takes the sweetness of chocolate and caramel and merges it with vodka, amaretto and Woodford reserve bourbon with a pinch of cinnamon. Experimental to the extreme, but it tastes bloody good. 

Operator25 | Iced Peanutella and Kaya Matcha Latte

Melbourne CBD

Hybrids are always a risk, aren’t they? But these drinks are sure to hit your sweet spot. Targeted at all of you sugar-addicts out there, Operator25’s 'Peanutella' blends together peanut butter and nutella milk, topped with white chocolate foam and freeze-dried raspberry, while their Kaya Matcha infuses the Southeast Asian coconut jam delicacy into a classic creamy drink.

White Mojo | Black Latte

Melbourne CBD

A drink that matches your all-black outfit to a T. We’re talking about soy and sesame yumminess in a beverage made with peanuts, almonds, black sesame and frothy bonsoy. Don your best black clothes and head down to White Mojo for a taste.

Serotonin Eatery | Smiling Lattes and Coconut Espresso Bomb


Seratonin Eatery has an extensive drinks list to say the least: think 40 options spanning an ENTIRE A4 page. But what stands out most to us are the adorable smiles that top off their caffeine-free hot drinks, served in big hug mugs from Japan. Have you ever had an espresso shot out of a fresh coconut before? We didn’t think so.

Matcha Mylkbar | Too Many To Fit In A Title

St Kilda

A little over a year ago, Matcha Mylkbar graced us with the first mushroom latte in the world, made with immune-boosting chaga mushroom, vanilla spiced almond ‘mylk’ and a side of agave. Some of Melb’s most unconventional drinks originated from here as well, what with their charcoal / apple pie / carrot cake latte / purple peanut butter superfood lattes... And on top of that, they offer matcha bubble tea with passionfruit and tapioca pearls! Gotta try ‘em all.

Industry Beans | Bubble Cup Cold Drip


Combining Melbourne’s coffee culture and bubble cup obsession to create THE FIRST specialty coffee bubble cup, Industry Beans have boldly created this delicious single origin cold drip layered on consoy (condensed soy milk) with coffee-soaked tapioca balls at the bottom – made fresh just like bubble tea, but with ace coffee. Amazing. 

Humble Rays | Fruit Sodas with Popping Pearls


We don’t mean to burst your Fanta-drinking bubble, but these guys have put POPPING PEARLS in their fruity drinks. We’re talking mango and passionfruit, raspberry or green apple lover, yum!

Market on Malvern | Blue Latte


The MOM Café have done up their own version of the smurf latte (made famous by Matcha Mylkbar). It’s meant to support immunity and health, so it's basically medicine, right? You’ll find another algae-fied baby blue Majik Latte at Real Food Organic.

Leroy Espresso & Street Organics | LSD

St Kilda & Malvern

So you’ve heard of the beetroot and the turmeric latte...but the dandelion? The LSD, a.k.a. the Latte of Soy Dandy, is another rare earthen flavour you can’t really find at every corner. Pop by Leroy Espresso for the perfect hangover cure that’s got the texture of coffee without all the chemical-related health concerns. And apart from the LSD, Street Organics have a few more specials up their sleeve. Think Big Sweetie (macchiato with honey and cinnamon) and their Little Hottie (piccolo hot choc with a dash of chilli).

Cha Cha Tea | Pink Tea Latte


At Cha Cha Tea, you can order up your tea latte pretty in pink! It’s a super girly blend of hibiscus, rose hip, strawberry, apple, orange and beetroot that’s sugar and caffeine free! Tastes just like a warm strawberry hug. *spams all of the pink heart emojis*

Kitty Burns & F.O.G. | Red Velvet Latte

Abbotsford & Richmond

The red velvet beetroot cacao latte from Kitty Burns is the perfect warm elixir for the season. Or if for some odd reason you hate chocolate (well, it doesn’t like you either), opt for the red latte from Fresh Organic Goods for a bite-y cuppa packed with vitamins and minerals to boot.

Too Many Chiefs | Rainbow Coffee

North Brighton

At this little North Brighton nook, you can give your regular coffee an additional boost with rainbow-coloured swirls of food dye in the milk. If it tastes half as good as it looks, you're in for a treat. Do it for the ‘gram.

With mermaid / amethyst / lavender lattes popping up in other parts of the world, Melbourne's next coffee craze is anyone's guess. In the meantime, here are the best spots for the standard brews.

Image credit: Matcha Mylkbar

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