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Who’s The Best Hairdresser In Melbourne?

By Catherine Blake
18th Mar 2016

The relationship with your hairdresser is possibly the most important relationship in your life and once you find ‘the one’ you’ve got to lock that cutter down and hope like hell they don’t move away. We all live in fear of the day that our beloved dome-groomer’s career whisks them off to some exotic location and leaves us floundering with a tearful gaze and a hatful of split ends. 

One bad haircut can ruin your life, so we’re calling out to all our sweet lovin’ followers to give us the scoop on your most trusted cutters. If you’ve got a scissor-wielding genius on side we want to know about them. Share the love and give us the secrets of your weave…

Tell us, who do you rate as the best hairdresser in Melbourne?

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