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WinterWild Is Back At Apollo Bay And Things Are Gonna Get Dark

By Megan Whitfield - 15 May 2018


Calling all former, current, and future emo kids—boy have we got the festival for you. Actually that’s a lie, everyone's gonna want to check this one out.

This August, Apollo Bay is bringing back WinterWild in a big way. If you haven't heard of this one, it's basically the Great Ocean Rd equivalent of Dark Mofo...just without bottomless funding from an eccentric billionaire. This year WinterWild is all about embracing the Art of Darkness, with the two-week event split up into ‘Death’ (August 10—11) and ‘Birth’ (August 24—25). 

It’s a little dark and brooding, just like our souls (#bringbacktheemo). 

Kicking off on 10 August, expect insane live performances, epic interactive art exhibitions (using light, sound, fire and water), community dances where tunes can switch from line dancing to traditional Bollywood dancing at the drop of hat, and a bonfire-lined street parade. We don't want to miss a single thing. 

Now, at the risk of sounding like your Mum, it’ll likely be cold, and it’ll likely be wet, so take your jacket. At least until your head-banging gets the blood pumping. (And eat your veggies).

Also, if you’re checking out the website beware things can get a little deep. We’re talking "the Quietus is ephemeral, transforming always into candescence" deep. *Goes to look up 'candescence' in Dictionary."

The Details

Where: Apollo Bay
When: August 10 – 12, August 24 – 26
For more info, click here

Image credit: Otway Life

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