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There’s A Giant Harry Potter-Inspired Brunch Coming To Melbourne

By James Shackell
24th Jul 2018

Grab your best dress robes, Melbourne. We’re about to gather for an evening of well-mannered frivolity. There’s a huge wizard-themed brunch heading our way.

If you haven’t heard of The Wizards’ Brunch, it was kind of a big deal in Sydney this year. 2,500 witches and wizards packed some of the city’s foodie hot-spots for a series of magical brunches: spells, potions, vampires, poached eggs, the works. It got so popular they had to add dinner sessions.

And the guys from The Wizards’ Brunch just announced the big news: they’re coming to Melbourne early next year.

Here’s what we know so far. The location will be our very own Great Hall Town Hall, which will be getting the light decorating touch these themed events are famous for (jks, it’ll be an OTT magical winter wonderland with extra tinsel). There’s a video of the Sydney sessions over here.

There are a few sittings, but some of them have sold out already. You can pop your name down on the waitlist for Saturday 12 January, or there’s a dinner sitting on Friday 11 January with some availability. Everything else got snapped up faster than a discount sale at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.   

Entry gets you food, bottomless butterbeer, live entertainment, potion classes and all the wands you can wave.

We’ve been assured all house elves are being properly compensated for their time (all you S.P.E.W. members, just chill).

The Details

Where: Melbourne Town Hall
When: Various dates (January 2019)
For more info (and tickets), click here.

Melbourne's going HP crazy. There's a dedicated Harry Potter store opening next month too

Image credit: Harry Potter

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