Your 24-Hour Guide to Beating the Winter Chill

By Ellen Seah
11th Jul 2015

Well Listers, the carb-loading season is well and truly upon us. We may be one month into Melbourne’s coldest winter yet, but that’s no excuse to be cooped up at home on your days off! We’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Melbourne this winter, so peel your lovely selves out of bed and get cracking. No red noses or frostbitten toes will be involved, pinky promise.    

8am: Hot Yoga session at Grass Roots, Richmond

Rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day (maybe not, but the point remains). Catch up on all those weekday workout sessions that never came to fruition with Grass Roots yoga in Richmond. One of Melbourne’s best yoga studios, choose a hot yoga sesh to get the blood pumping. You certainly won’t be whining about the cold after this.  

9.30: Chai Latte at Brother Baba Budan, Melbourne CBD

Stop by one of Melbourne’s best cafés for a quick morning cuppa or creamy chai latte. Brother Baba Budan also has a range of tasty little sweets on display, and after this morning’s workout I’m sure you deserve the glazed donut you’ve been eyeing. Take your time to chow down—this tiny city cafe is the perfect cosy pit stop.

10am: Power walking at Emporium, Melbourne CBD

There’s always enough time for a quick weekend shop-stop. Visit one of Melbourne’s biggest shopping centres and keep warm and cosy by power-walking through your window-shopping!

11.30am: Croissant at Chez Dré, South Melbourne

The beloved bakers from Chez Dré sell their buttery gems just across from the South Melbourne Market. Pop down for one of their soft, flaky pastries for your morning tea! It’s winter, so there’s no point skimping on the jams and butter.

12pm: Sauna at Sunlighten, South Melbourne

Treat yourself to a luxe, modern Sunlighten sauna cabin this weekend. At one of the best saunas in Melbourne, escape the winter blues with a warming sauna sesh and a good book. This ultimate relaxation hotspot uses safe, infrared technology, making Sunlighten saunas delightfully steam-free. It’ll be like that indoor heating you never had.

1.30pm: Ramen and pork belly buns at Shop Ramen, Collingwood

One piping hot bowl of miso broth filled to the brim with homemade, slurpable ramen? What could be a more perfect winter lunch? Skip the leftover pumpkin soup, Listers, and head to one of Melbourne’s favourite ramen joints for your soupie fix. A cosy Collingwood fave, tuck into Shop Ramen’s BBQ Chicken ramen for a meal that will warm the hardest of hearts. Might as well grab a side of pork belly buns while you’re at it, right?

3pm: Pre relaxing at Gravity Floatation Centre, Northcote

If you haven’t checked out Gravity Floatation Centre in Northcote, you’ve been chillin’ wrong. One of our favourite wellness facilities, you can relax with their warm, salt-filled floatation pods to ease sore muscles and get your mind singing! An incredibly cosy end of the week hotspot, the salts are also good for your skin so you’ll walk away feeling more pampered than ever.   

5pm: Pre drinks at Kitty Somerset, Northcote

Dimly lit and filled with couches that will tempt you into napping on a night out (don’t for christsake), Northcote’s Kitty Somerset is perfect for pre drinks in a quiet, stress-free spot on a cold winter night. There’s plenty of choice to keep you entertained until you’re ready to up the ante, from Kitty Somerset’s speciality cocktails to beers, ciders and a range of liqueurs. And most importantly, it’s so cosy you’ll be coming back even in summer.

7pm: Dinner at the Los Hermanos, Brunswick

Mexican and cold weather go together like fish and tacos—very, very, extremely, extraordinarily well. Possibly the best decision you’ll make this weekend is ordering the De Pescado (fish tacos) from Los Hermanos. Served with chipotle mayo and fresh coriander, this is the ultimate winter dinner winner.  Dinner here won’t hurt your bank account either, so there’ll be plenty of dosh for the rest of your night.

9pm: Drinks and music at the Wesley Anne, Northcote

Formerly a church, the Wesley Anne is the perfect bar pleaser for even your pickiest friends. Home to live music every week and a crackling fire, open brick and flickering candles make up one of Northcote’s favourite bars. Grab yourself a cold one (and warm drinking buddy) and settle in for the night. We suspect you’ll stay a while. 

Image Credit: Ground 11

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