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10 Movies We’re Excited For This Oscar Season

By Millie Lester
14th Nov 2016

It’s hard to be excited for anything the Oscar season when Meryl Streep’s had a quiet year in front of the camera, but alas, we’ll soldier on. Here are 10 movies we’ll be forking out for over the next few months.

#1 Sully

Tom Hanks, aka. America’s sweetheart has pumped out another film that will undoubtedly portray him as a faultless demi-god. This time he’s piloting a crashing plane into the Hudson River to save the flight’s passengers and crew, because of course he is. Based on the real life 2009 event, this flick has already received rave reviews, and if it’s anything like all his other films, you’ll walk out wishing Tom Hanks was your dad.

In cinemas: Still at selected cinemas

#2 Passengers

Now that the Hunger Games franchise has finished, J-Law has been sniffing around for work like a regular uni graduate (with a bajillion dollars) and has snapped up a role in the upcoming film ‘Passengers’ with Chris Pratt. The action romance revolves around a spacecraft transporting thousands of people to a colony planet. Like all good space movies, the ship malfunctions and C-Pratt and J-Law realise they’ve been awakened ninety years early, which sounds like the absolute pits but will definitely make for a fab Friday night flick.

In cinemas: January 1, 2017

#3 Moonlight

Moonlight has the whiff of an Oscars dark horse about it due to its high IMDB rating (8.6) and fresh-faced leading actor (and former professional sprinter??), Trevante Rhodes. The story is based on the life of a young black man growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami and trying to find his place in the world. This flick already has excellent reviews and is definitely one to keep your eye on (get your parents to take you to so you don’t have to pay).

In cinemas: Out now

#4 Nocturnal Animals

Amy Adams has certainly come a long way since her enchanted days and has well and truly boxed up the tiara for her role as paranoid art gallery owner, Susan Morrow, in this summer thriller. Haunted by her ex-husband’s violent novel, Morrow interprets the book as a veiled threat and revenge tale targeted at her. This film is the ultimate Tinder nightmare.

In cinemas: November 10

#5 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I haven’t seen Star Wars, but I have played the Nintendo DS Lego game, so I’m just going to jazz up a plot summary I found on IMDB.

Far, far away in a galaxy somewhere(?), the cheeky Rebellion makes an executive decision to steal the plans to the Death Star (classic move), which results in a catastrophic series of events about mortality, parentage, aliens and glow in the dark swords. Felicity Jones is in it, which everyone is VERY excited about because she did a ripper job in The Theory of Everything.

In cinemas: December 15

#6 Arrival

When Amy Adams wasn’t busy being a psychologically terrorised art gallery owner this year, she was an alien communications translator for the U.S. military (get a girl who can do both). This sci-fi drama also stars Jeremy Renner and Michael Stuhlberg and promises to be an excellent way to spend a Saturday evening.

In cinemas: November 10

#7 La La Land

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are back to set absurdly unrealistic relationship goals for couples everywhere. Set in Los Angeles, Sebastian, a jazz pianist, falls for an aspiring actress, Mia, and 128 minutes of dramatic, hilarious, musical goodness ensues.

In cinemas: December 26

#8 Silence

Andrew Garfield and Liam Neeson have teamed up to bring us a heavy December drama set in the seventeenth century. Garfield and Neeson, two Jesuit priests, travel to Japan to locate their mentor and face violence and persecution. Don’t take your kids to this movie.

In cinemas: December 22

#9 Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

The latest instalment in JK Rowling’s ‘Magical World’ is about to drop, and every twenty-something around the world is ready (to hear Eddie Redmayne’s beautiful voice). Based on the book by Newton Scamander (one of JK’s pseudonyms), we have almost no idea what’s going to happen in this film, aside from what we’ve seen in the trailers, and we don’t care, we’re bloody excited.

In cinemas: November 17

#10 Allied

This Boxing Day blockbuster comes off the back of the recent Brangelina split that forced Adele to dedicate her NYC concert to “the end of an era”. Set in 1942, a US intelligence officer (Brad Pitt) and female French Resistance fighter (Marion Cotilard) meet on a deadly mission behind enemy lines in North Africa. They later reunite in London, however the pressures of war continue to test their relationship.

In cinemas: December 26

Image credit: Warner Bros.

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