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11 Healthy Snacks To Keep At Your Desk

By Marilynn McLachlan
20th Jan 2016

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­­­­With the festive season over, and our pants a little tight around the waistline, we’re embracing Operation Health at The Urban List office, diligently preparing ourselves for when that three o’clock slump hits and we’re craving chocolate and chips! That said, the cupcakes at Bluebell’s Cakery are soooooo good, we won’t be giving them up for anything—it’s all about balance, amiright??

So, in the name of Operation Health, we knew what we really needed were low-sugar, low-GI, tasty, filling something somethings that live on our desk, so we did what we always do in a time of crisis—we went in search of the best (mostly healthy) office snacks.

Here’s what we found:

#1 Berries

They’re a no-brainer, really. Shelves are spilling over with these colourful gems. Keeping in mind that you’re only allowed two pieces of fruit a day, and it’s like rully rully sad because fruit is totally delish and essentially Nature’s bag of lollies, here’s a hot top: one ‘serve’ of berries is equal to one and a half cups of whichever variety of these little suckers you choose! (As opposed to lame fruits like bananas where one serve equals half a banana). So that’s 20 small strawberries. That’s freaking madness!

#2 Popcorn

Popcorn is one of those delicious snacks that’s bulky enough to fill you up—and it’s a source of grains. Cook at home and bring a bag to the office, or, if you’re lazy or can’t cook, opt for store bought. We love New Zealand Kettle Korn’s new sea salt flavour which, with less than 40 calories per cup you just can’t go wrong.

#3 Almonds

Did you know that 20 almonds is a serve of protein? Did you know that munching on almonds too loudly is guaranteed to make your colleagues want to staple things to your face? Take notes, kids.

#4 Muesli Bars

There’s nothing quite like biting down on the chewy goodness of a muesli bar. Nature Valley’s crunchy range is packed with wholegrain oats and honey, or try their pumpkin and poppy seeds bar.

#5 Protein Balls

Sitting at around 100 cals per ball, protein balls are a yumbo spherical snack, and are one of those things that are totally appropriate to make at home and bring to the office to win brownie points (because heaven forbid you try to win brownie points with actual brownies).

#6 Gherkins

Or ‘pickles’, as they are referred to by Hipsters and Americans, are a very with-it, very now snack. They are also relatively low cal, and contain folate, Vitamin A, calcium and iron. Unfortunately, they are also high in sodium, so try to resist polishing off the jar.

#7 Fresh Blueberries

See above RE: berries and how many are an acceptable amount to nosh on (answer: loads). Add to this happy information the fact that these spheres of blue cost approximately 35c each, and you will really appreciate each antioxidant-packed nibble.

#8 Pretzels

Get your carb fix and munch down on these twisted, salty bites. When you just can’t do one more sweet thing, pretzels hit the hunger spot perfectly.

#9 Pottles Of Yoghurt

Ok, so they might need to be kept in the fridge but bring those little pottles of thick, silky deliciousness to your desk and slurp away. We love The Collective’s Straight Up range—maple, coconut or berry, take your pick and eat guilt-free.

#10 Carrots And Hummus

Another way to annoy the co-worker you just don’t like is to crunch down on some carrots. Grab a tub of Lisa’s hummus (there are so many flavours, you’ll never get bored) for some added protein and fibre. 

#11 Take The Lazy Option

We get it, sometimes adulting is just too damn hard, so take the easy way out and get snacks delivered. Nibblish has you rate a bunch of snacks and then matches food to your tastes and delivers them right to your office. Seriously, could they make being healthy any easier?

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