18 Things That Happen When The Sun Comes Out In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
26th Nov 2016

18 Things That Happen When The Sun Comes Out In Auckland

Is that actual sun we can spy? In Auckland? Yusss!  We can now look forward to copious amounts of summer fruit cider, back-yard barbies and a whole lot of terrible tan lines.

Unfortunately for us Aucklanders, you can never be too sure that the sun is here to stay, therefore, it’s vital to reminisce about what really happens when the sunshine does decide to make an appearance in the City of Sails.

  1. Karen Walker sunnies come out in full force (as if they weren’t already!)
  2. The suitable time for day-drinking goes out of the window.
  3. Ice cream cookie sandwiches from The Dairy are deemed acceptable for breakfast.
  4. Mission Bay becomes as busy as when Pokemon Go was a thing.
  5. Chaos arises as people rush out to buy fans for another sell-out year at The Warehouse.
  6. Diets go out of the window. If you’re sweating while eating, then you’re working out, right?
  7. Umbrellas are still carried. Because, Auckland weather.
  8. Pimm's replaces water as a hydrating necessity.
  9. Legs are shaved for the first time in months. Goodbye yetty-esque winter leg rug!
  10. The weather is the topic of all conversation, because, look, sun!
  11. Allergy tablets are raided and kept close, to avoid embarrassing sneezing and leaky nose fits.
  12. Candid photos are posted to social media showcasing what a spontaneous and sun-filled social life people lead.
  13. Hot dog legs fill Instagram feeds.
  14. Weather apps are refreshed hourly to see how long the sun will really last.
  15. People walk slower in a bid to tan while strolling.
  16. Charcoaled, black sausages are eaten as BBQ season officially commences.
  17. Anger ensues when you can’t even light the damn thing!
  18. People endlessly complain that it is too hot.

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Image credit: Jackielyn Powell 


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