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Epic Activities For Groups In Auckland

By Martha Brooke
28th Nov 2016

As tinsel and baubles start to adorn every corner of the office and Dawn from finance attempts her annual sing-a-long to Mariah Carey (all you want for Christmas is for her to zip it!) you know that the office Christmas shindig isn’t far away.

Instead of the usual soggy mince pies and fancy dress fails at the office Christmas party, why not gather the team and take part in one of Auckland’s best group activities?

These are the perfect way to get to know your friends and colleagues a little better with some of the most enjoyable and unforgettable ways around!

Escape Room

Auckland City 

Do you have the street smarts to crack the code? Can you handle being in a locked room with your friends and co-workers? If yes, pop those thinking caps on to see if you have what it takes to escape from a locked room. With puzzles, clues and mysteries to solve whilst racing against the clock, The Great Escape is a team-building activity to really test your patience and common sense.

Wild on Waiheke


We all know that Waiheke Island is Auckland’s very own paradise, but do you know about Waiheke’s very own wonderland? Wild on Waiheke is the perfect place to sit back, relax, enjoy great food and drink and also take part in some competitive outdoor activities. With archery, clay-pigeon shooting and a host of other tame and enjoyable games on offer, this is an ideal spot for you and your buds.


Auckland City

Drinking is a great way to pass time with friends, but sometimes sitting in a dingy pub listening to Keith’s rendition of ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, isn’t always an idea of a good time. Why not up the ante and change it up a little? Hire out one of Beercycle’s bikes and pedal to your beer! With three to five stop-offs, and plenty of laughs, you’ll be the talk of your mates and co-workers as you take part in this boozy bike ride!

Bumper Ball

Forrest Hill

For a group activity full of laughs, flips and a questionable outfit choice, look no further than Bumper Ball. Dressed in a body zorb, you and your team mates will take to the field to battle and bump it out, in a not-so-conventional game of soccer. Expect laughs, falls, trips and flips as you try to score goals while dressed as a huge ball!

Magic Broomstick's Segway Tour


Gather your mates and grab a helmet as you set off on a whirlwind tour of Auckland. Okay, not so whirlwind, but it’s pretty damn cool. Magic Broomstick's Segway’s are a great and fun way of getting around and what better way to see our incredible city than riding alongside your pals, with the wind in your hair? Be the envy of passers-by as they wish that they were having a wheely good time too. 

Duck Bus

Auckland City

If you think this is one for the kids, think again. Yes, it’s super-touristy but we promise the Duck Bus is totally worth it. Pull up a pew and ride through the city with your buddies as your cringe levels reach an all-time high. As you plummet into the water, prepare for a whole lotta squealing and splashing! Treat yourself at one of Auckland’s fantastic bars afterwards, cos, boy, you’ve deserved it!

Riverhead Cruise

Downtown Auckland

If you are after a more sophisticated method of water transport, then hop on the Riverhead Cruise. Taking you through the waterways of Auckland, you’ll explore some of the famous landmarks that fill our fair city.  All the while, you and your friends can chat away, soaking in the sights and sounds. As you reach Riverhead, you’ll be treated with food and drinks to end your delightful trip on a high.

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Image credit: Wild on Waiheke

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