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This Week’s Foodie News You Need To Know

By Marilynn McLachlan
18th Nov 2016

Foodie News Auckland

If you read The Urban List you know how obsessed we are with finding great new openings, new menus, new products as well as chatting to chefs and discovering events that we know you’ll love.

And so, in our weekly foodie column this week, we bring you a dumpling restaurant, a new product from Lewis Road and the perfect products to keep in your snack drawer at work.


Dumplings, Dumplings, Dumplings

Our borderline obsession with dumplings soared to new heights this week, with the opening of Tao. Situated in Newmarket, it serves up new-age Chinese fare while providing great service.  The dumplings are an array of colours and the tastes inside are so delicious, it’s highly likely you’ll find yourself dreaming of dumplings.

A New Rosé Hits Auckland

If there’s one thing we know Aucklanders go crazy for, it’s Rosé, so we feel it only our duty to let you know that a new brand has launched. Four mates saw an opportunity to up the Rosé ante and boy, have they done just that. With its striking labelling, Master of Ceremonies is one Rosé you’ll be sipping on all summer long…available at selected venues across the City of Sails. If they don’t have it—ask!

Taste of Auckland

The foodie event of the year hits town this weekend, and we can’t rave enough about it. We went along to the opening last night of Taste of Auckland and can confirm that it’s bigger and better than ever! Eat your way around the delicious stalls and wash it all down with a bevvie or two. Highlights include Tok Tok’s crispy hapuka fish curry, the cupcake decorating stall and and Rogue Society’s lawn chill-out zone. You can see more of our top picks here.

Is This New Bar Auckland’s Best Kept Secret?

Just when you thought Auckland couldn’t get any cooler (you’ve been thinking that, right?) along comes another bar which makes you wanna stick around a few more years, no matter the house prices. Rich Heart launched this week, serving up perfectly crafted cocktails and good tunes, this Fort Street bar is one you’ll want to put on your must-do list. Here’s the lowdown here.

Paul Henry Launches…Wine

If there’s one man in Auckland that polarises the closest of friends, it’s Paul Henry. But, now he’s become part of a project that is his least offensive yet. Teaming up with popular wine label, Invivo, the self-confessed Pinot Noir expert has launched a limited edition run of Paul Henry’s Own Pinot Noir. Love or loath him, the man knows a thing or two about the smooth, red goodness: ‘The advantage was my superior palate as I was able to distinguish the key selling points and king hits from each vineyard,’ he humbly states. Get your hands on a bottle (or two) at Glenngarry and Winefriend and get the hashtags going #PaulsPinot #GetYourPinotOut

Serious Offers Emergency Relief

We’ve been there, you’ve been there—3pm hits like a hammer and your belly feels like it hasn’t eaten in a hundred years and needs to be filled now—not in five minutes, not in ten minutes. Never fear, because the creative minds over at popcorn faves, Serious, have a Snack Aid Kit (geddit?) to heal those raging symptoms, including irrational outbursts, the inability to complete sentences and disinterest in everyday tasks. Serious, we’re seriously nuts for you. 

Lewis Road Release A Custard

Oh, Lewis Road, can you be any better to us? Just when Aucklanders devoured jars of chocolate butter, Lewis Road comes along with custard. And not just any custard—think of what your Gran used to make. Made with double cream and eggs, it’s what you’ll need to make the perfect pav this festive season. We poured the deliciousness allllll over a baby cake from The Caker and it was a match made in heaven. Be warned—this custard is so good; you’ll be tempted to drink it directly from the bottle.

Mac’s Brewhouse Introduces A Non-Alcoholic Soda

Not all peeps need or want to have alcohol in their drinks, but with party season on the way, you often need to take something along. Cue Mac’s Brewhouse Non-Alcoholic Soda—a treat you can take along without feeling like a kid. Made from malt and barley, it’s diverted before the fermentations stage—which is where it turns to alcohol. There are four delicious flavours, including citrus and vanilla, lemon and barley, ginger root and lime and coconut. All are available now at supermarkets and Z and BP petrol stations.

CHIA Creates New Flavours

If chia isn’t on your radar, then now’s the time to put it on! This popular superfood is a seed from a plant found in South America and is rich in omega 3 and protein and is filled with essential nutrients. And, two Nelson sisters decided to bottle that goodness and haven’t looked back. CHIA has a variety of flavours, and they recently added to their mix, launching feijoa and pink guava and coconut water and mango. They’re also expanding, with the launch of AWAKA coconut water. Buy from various locations around Auckland.

Corn Nibbles You’ll Crave

They’re not new, but The Baron snacks deserve a special mention in this week’s foodie news…mainly because they’re at Taste of Auckland and are just so damn good. Creating 100% natural premium snacks, they’ve got nuts and fudge but seriously, you need to buy their corn nibbles. While we’re partial to the sea salt flavour, there’s also BBQ and chilli. Completely moreish and completely healthy this is one snack you’ll want to keep in your desk drawer.

Gareth Stewart Opens Up

MKR judge and popular chef Gareth Stewart had a chat to the TUL team this week, revealing what cooking skills everyone should master, which bar he loves to visit and his first stop for visitors. Check the full interview here

Green Bay Street Food Returns

That’s right, foodies. Head down to Green Bay for their street food fest today. There’s a stellar line-up including Mama Tahina, Temaki Truck, Wise Boy Burgers (planted based burgs!), The Fab Truck (crepes), Go Go Mexico and Mister Gelato. Green Bay Street Food is a community driven event and completely waste-free!

Ice, Ice Baby

Love a summer tipple but don’t love how it doesn’t stay chilled? Luckily, Hennessy have a solution and just in time for the warmer months. The limited edition Hennessy V.S Chilled Silicon Flask turns blue when the bevvie is ice cold and is the perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for dad, brother or boyfriend of yours.

Try An Asparagus Cocktail

Spring is upon us which means asparagus galore! Café Hanoi is celebrating its arrival with their new asparagus cocktail—the Scent of Spring. Mixologist Dan Sullivan has infused asparagus with tequila, dry vermouth, agave syrup, aquafaba and lime juice to create a margarita-style beverage. It’s a tasty match with the spicy flavours of Vietnamese food.

Little Bird Launches Superfood Coffee

There’s now no need to feel guilty about your daily caffeine fix. Little Bird Organics have just launched barista superfood coffee made with Kokako beans. Coffee not your thing? They’ve also given their smoothie range a superfood kick. They’re made from organic veges, fruit, nuts, seeds and will leave you feeling ready to tackle the day.

Moët & Chandon Are Keeping It Cool

For the first time ever, Moët & Chandon have created the first champagne created to be served over ice—exactly what we need for summer. To celebrate, they’re hosting the Moët Ice Sessions at 46 & York and Pilkingtons featuring ice sculptures, unique drinks and great vibes.

Bellota Are Celebrating Their 10th Birthday

Bellota are in party mode on Wednesday as they celebrate their 10th birthday. The Peter Gordon restaurant is known for its authentic Spanish cuisine and boasting one of New Zealand’s largest Spanish-only vino list. The SKY CITY restaurant was the first eatery to open on the now bustling Federal Street and has stood the test of time.

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Image credit: Lauren Matilda Matthews

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