Horoscopes: Your Co(s)mic Week Ahead

By Steph Lenehan
8th Nov 2016


​As we welcome week 46 into our year and try to remember what on earth happened to the other 45, now is the time to open up like the spring flowers we are. We’ve had a ripper of public holidays and now it’s time to move on and move up. The delightful beings that we are, have commandeered your lives this week in all the right ways. You are so welcome.


With Mercury in your stars this week, you might find that who you live with will start to make moving back in with your parents very tempting. Instead of changing postcodes we recommend a night out by yourself or with anyone but that loud, never-does-the-dishes, night-owl you call a roommate.

Where you need to go this weekend: after one cocktail here your troubles will melt away.


Sunday is a lucky day for you little Aries, and why wouldn’t it be? You can sleep off the night before and still have a whole day to do nothing. Brunch is a thing of the past when you can have a lunch that feels like it never stops.

Where you need to go this weekend: Read this and you’ll never settle for toast again.


As Venus pops up to visit you may feel drawn to try something new. We say, call in sick and hit the road for a mini getaway. Roll down the windows, let the wind drown out your road trip singing as you venture into the blue skies and green grass of Matakana.

Where you need to go this weekend: Where to eat when you arrive.


This week Mars will be pushing you around like a baby in a pram. Though we don’t condone peer pressure, this is planet pressure which we don’t get much say in. If you can’t decide between staying in with friends or going out, we have got you covered.

Where you need to go this weekend: Wine in or wine to go? There’s no wrong choice here.


Neptune is kind of like a big wet ball of emotion (possibly) and emotion has something or other to do with travel? People? Ancestry? The point is, it’s time to shed your traditional black Auckland attire and embrace the multicultural phenomenon that is this magnificent city. You never know what you might find hidden around the CBD.

Where you need to go this weekend: Get all up in culture at this restaurant.


Think of Pluto as your spirit animal this week, that’s how astrology works right? Though science (pfft) might believe otherwise, Pluto is still a planet to us. And this week we want you to channel Pluto and treat yourself to everything. Search for all things live music, cheese and wine for celebrating the planet that you are.

Where you need to go this weekend: You can find what you’ve been looking for here.


Your star sign is basically using Mars as a hula-hoop right about now. Disorganisation and impracticality are your forte this week. You want to go out for dinner but hate the thought of having to decide where to go and what to order. We’ve got you covered. And the best part is, you share meals so indecisiveness is not an issue.  

Where you need to go this weekend: This Newmarket restaurant is perfect for you.


This week is all about reconnecting for you. This may be a loved one, someone you really care about, someone who means a lot to you or even a relative (just kidding Aunty Susan). Even though Jupiter is trying to block your path, push through and brunch with them.

Where you need to go this weekend: Food here is so good, company is optional.


This week is cloudy. Cloudy stars equal cloudy judgement. We don’t want you getting carried away by bad decisions because that can be stressful, and the sweet Scorpio you are has had enough of that. Put you first this week with a little help from some little friends.

Where you need to go this weekend: A little help to face the week here.


The new moon welcomes a new you. Well, not new new. Maybe just a bit new. Maybe not new at all. Maybe it’s up to you to be a new you. And to be a new you, you need to work on you. And to do that you need to try something new. Confused yet?

Where you need to go this weekend: Fitness at this place is much easier to follow. Promise!


Your stars this week are basically a banner hanging over you saying “big opportunities here”. Well, it should be at least. But you don’t need to quit your job or kidnap a celebrity to make the most of it. We’re just saying now is a great time to depart from those pesky split ends.

Where you need to go this weekend: Get the hair you’ve always wanted here.


Quality is kind of your thing right now. You don’t want brunch with the waffles and smashed av and coffee that never tastes fresh enough. You want an experience. And if that experience isn’t a hidden laneway restaurant offers cocktails and Asian cuisine then you’re not the Aquarius we thought you were and you have probably been lied to your whole life.

Where you need to go this weekend: For a real Aquarius experience, don’t miss this restaurant.

Need more suggestions to deal with your week ahead? Search our Directory for the best of Auckland.

Design Credit: Gabrielle Stjernqvist

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