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The Best Places To Watch Fireworks This Guy Fawkes

By Tayla Mitchell
4th Nov 2016

best places to watch the fireworks in auckland

Get ready for the snap, crackle and boom of fireworks this weekend. If you’re not letting off your own (and if you are, keep it safe, people), we’ve rounded up the best places to watch the sky light up on Saturday.                                                                                                            

Spooks and Sparks 2018 | The Trusts Arena

Auckland’s largest fireworks display will be mixed with Halloween festivities at The Trusts Arena. With a ton of entertainment and performances, there will be plenty to do before the huge fireworks extravaganza. Don’t forget to dress up in your best Halloween costumes— on-the-spot prizes will be given out to both kids and adults.


Western Springs Speedway—Opening Night Guy Fawkes Extravaganza

Speedway opens this year with a bang, literally, with competitors making a bang on the racetrack. Post racing— Guy Fawkes night at the speedway returns. After the lights go out at 10:30pm, spectators will be treated to a full-blown pyro display. Months of preparation and planning has gone into this so get ready to be blown away.

North Head & Mt Eden

If you’re not going to one of the events around Auckland, then head to one of the highest points in the city. Both North Head and Mt Eden off perfect vantage points for the fireworks display at Speedway. Plus, both are great picnic spots.

Sky Tower

If you’re up for a fancy meal, head to the Sky Tower—choose from The Sugar Club, The Sky Café or Orbit 360 and then when the sky starts lighting up, head to the viewing platform. You’ll have a 360-degree view of the city and will probably be able to see all the fireworks across the city, if it’s a clear night.

Bayswater Marina

Cross the Harbour Bridge and head to Bayswater to watch some of the fireworks. Here, you’ll have a perfect view of the city and be able to see the fireworks being let off from Western Springs and across the city and some from the Shore, too.

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