These Fashion Trends We Swore To Never Wear Again Are Back

By Tennille Ziegler
21st Nov 2016

These Fashion Trends We Swore To Never Wear Again Are Back

How many times have you looked back on the fashion of your younger years and cringed with regret? Yup, we know the feeling all too well. So how is it, when the fashion world dons the runways with trends we swore not to wear, we somehow find ourselves falling for said style again? We’re not quite sure of the answer but whether you love it or hate it, these trends are back in a big way. 


When skinny jeans became a thing, flares were so totally disgusting. Now, we’re seeing them in all forms: denim, ’70s prints and super flares…what’s next? 

Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels were probably the most coveted item in the ’90s—everyone had to get their hot little hands on them! Then we said goodbye to the kitten heels and hello to the pumps—the bigger the better. Somehow we’ve reverted back to the low-heeled, pointed-toe shoe. In a way, we can’t complain; there’ll be less models falling on runways and less personal appointments to our physio. 

Double Denim

We thought the days of double denim were over after Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s mash-up becoming the greatest couple outfit of all time. Alas, what goes around, comes back around. And this time it’s double denim. We only hope the Brit and Justin will make a comeback with this look as well. 

Dresses Over Pants

Admittedly, we’ve fallen for the ’90s t-shirt under dress layering, however this is taking it to a new level. Why wear just a dress when you can wear pants underneath? Fashion definitely loves to keep things interesting…

Hoop Earrings

Them huge hoops are back, friends! Get ‘em out—the bigger, the better. How these hoops went from tacky to fancy, we do not know. We’ll put it down to just another one of life’s mysteries.


Now this is taking it waaay back to the old days. While we can agree corsets were pretty flattering back then (note: sucked-in waist and great cleavage), we don’t think we’d be able to breathe being sucked into one of those things all day. The new take on this trend is a corset belt, so you can undo it as and when you wish. 

Small Sunglasses

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, just Google “Olsen Twins sunglasses ’90s”. Can’t believe these are back? Us too! Yet, when we see it on the runways and in model street style shots, it seems to work. We think we might leave this one to the better-looking people in the world. 

Bucket Hats

Are bucket hats for the gangster or the super alternative? We’re unsure on this one. We’ve seen some Compton bucket hats, and then we’ve also seen some hippie dippy floral ones. Choose which look you’re going for before purchasing said hat.  


What came first, the farmer or the fashion trend? You choose. Preferably get your overalls in denim, put a tee on underneath, accessorise with a choker and you’ll tick a few ‘trend’ boxes. 


When the fashion world tries to bring back a style, they add a twist to it. Let’s call it a ‘fresh take’ on the trend. Well, the bandana is one of these styles. Tie it around your neck for the choker look or accessorise with it on your wrist. The ‘tying around chest to make a top’ style hasn’t made its way back…yet. 


Long gone are the days of “who wore it better” competitions. Now it’s cool to twin with your friend. We’re pretty stoked on this one, ‘cause who doesn’t look to their friends for style advice? Now you’ve just got more of a reason to copy them. 

Boob Tubes

Boob tubes aka the top to give you a mono boob. It’s probably one of the most unflattering styles we could wish for. Although it was all the rage in the 2000s, we’re not strong advocates for this one to come back. 

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