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This Epic Bar Has A Menu Dedicated To Cheese!

By Natasha Van Der Laan
23rd Nov 2016

This Epic Auckland Bar Has A Menu Dedicated To Cheese!

Holy cheesus, do we have some news for you! Auckland has a bar whose menu includes an entire section dedicated to CHEESE. Yep, we are as excited as you are.

Located on K Road, 69 is a cocktail lounge that specialises delicious drinks, rad tunes (they only play vinyl here) and…cheese!

The bar has an all-night kitchen that dishes up the likes of oysters, deep-fried gnocchi, KSD (that’s Karangahape secret duck) and hot dogs. What’s more, they have not one, not two but NINE (nine!) different types of cheeses on the menu.

The aptly named menu “cheesus loves you” features cow, goat and sheep cheese. You’ll find all your faves including camembert, cheddar, beaufort and gruyere. The cheese is then served with all the trimmings—French and Japanese pickles, dried apricots, walnuts and cabin bread.

The best part? 69 is open from 3pm to 3am, meaning you can get cheese in the wee small hours of the morn!

Thanks for making our cheese dreams come true, 69!

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