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This Week’s Foodie News You Need To Know

By Marilynn McLachlan
21st Dec 2016

weekly food news for food lovers

As you may have noticed, we here at The Urban List love our food. Hot, cold, healthy and otherwise, we eat and drink our way around Auckland in a little bubble of happiness.

And, to keep you in the know of the latest openings, trends, and news, we bring you a weekly round up of foodie news.

This week, West Auckland gets a fab new restaurant, OOB opens its doors for some super-delicious and healthy ice cream and find out how designated drivers can get free drinks.

Champagne Hour Launches At Harbourside

Take your happy hour drinks up a notch this summer and head along to one of the best decks in Auckland for Champagne Hour. Harbourside Ocean Bar & Grill overlooks the spectacular harbour and now serves up Mumm—either on its own or in a cocktail—from 3pm to 6pm each weekday. Pair it with freshly shucked oysters, caviar and crayfish as you soak in the views and you’ll be one of the happiest punters in Auckland.

Ben Bayly Launches A New Restaurant

Is it a playground? A restaurant? A toy store? A theatre? A movie set? It’s all of these things—woah! Opening in West Auckland last weekend, it is tipped to be the hottest place to be this summer—especially if you have sprogs. Baduzzi head chef, Ben Bayly, is behind the restaurant, The Grounds. Find out all the deets here.

Ceres Organics Has You Covered For Summer Snacking

Holiday eating doesn’t necessarily mean giving yourself over to pavlova, beer and sausage sizzles—you can also enjoy tasty food while being healthy! This is where Ceres Organics step in. They’ve created a tasty range of snacks that includes black and brown rice crackers, toasted coconut smiles (a hit here at The Urban List) as well as cashew clusters and tamari roasted almonds. And, you know you’re doing your body and the planet a favour as they don’t have any synthetic chemicals, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Trust us, they’re super-yummy and will be a welcome addition to your summer BBQ or general snacking!

Kumara Fusion

Fruit pastes are cool and stuff but have you tried kumara paste? Yep, the geniuses behind Kumara Fusion have created a melt-in-your-mouth kumara paste that is perfect for your next cheese platter. It comes in three flavours: original, honey or chocolate (our personal fave). Our advice? Put the delightful paste on top of a cracker with a slice of blue cheese—mmm!

Hallertau Introduces New Craft Beers

Aucklanders can’t seem to get enough of West Auckland’s Hallertau’s beer garden. With its large tables, playground and delicious food, it’s a wonderful way to spend a weekend afternoon. And, if you’ve been there, you’ll know that their craft beers are labeled as numbers. And now, they’ve launched #5 and #6. #5 is a Pilsnah (a Kiwi-esque version of a pilsner) with hints of citrus and wood chips and unexpected hop notes. #6 is a crisp and easy to drink IPA with double the hops—it is perfect to sip away on in the afternoon sun.

Bellota Launches New Menu

They’ve been around for a whopping ten years and, following on from their birthday celebrations, Bellota has refreshed their tapas menu for the summer. With new pintxos (sourdough bread), esquixada—a raw fish dish made from salted blue cod with tomatoes, black olives and onion, as well as two new sliders, it’s time to pop along and remember why you love this Spanish venue so damn much. And, make sure you try their Spanish wines, or opt for the sangria.

Biodegradable Coffee Capsules

Starting to feel guilty about that daily flat white from the coffee shop? The Honest Coffee Company are offering a delicious solution with the world's first 100% biodegradable coffee capsules! Made by the Ethical Coffee Company, these capsules are made from natural plant fibres and fit into all Nespresso machines—they're basically a must-have for coffee lovers. Our picks are the Espresso Supreme and Arabica supreme!

OOB Organic Opens For The Summer

Everyone knows summer means copious amounts of ice cream and fruit and Omaha’s OOB Organic have once again thrown open their doors for summer so you can get the best of both worlds. Expect delicious and fresh berry blends and organic ice cream or, if you prefer to relax under the orchard trees with a blueberry juice, then you’re welcome to do that, too!

Do Good While You Shop For Christmas Gifts

The Garden to Table trust has launched a small range of items to put money back into their Trust. Working to help ensure that skills-based food education is available to every child in the country, they have an apron, tote bag, two notebooks and two tea towels available for purchase.

Free Drinks For Designated Drivers

You know that drinking and driving is a big no-no (like, seriously, don’t even go there) and now Coca-Cola has announced the launch of its Designated Drivers programme—because really, there should be perks to being a legend. Working with the likes of SkyCity, as well as The Empire, The Bird Cage, The Sweatshop and The Cav, sober drivers can text ‘driver’ to 345 and a special link will be sent to the sender. This will show three free drinks to be used at the venue—all you need to do is show the bartender. And, if fame is your game (you legend, you), special digital ads around the city will be showing off your name! 

The South Of France Comes To Auckland

Just when you thought TRUE Food & Yoga couldn’t get any better, chef Nic Watt has decided to create a Provencal-style menu to see you through the summer. You’ll enjoy such things as crispy courgette flower served with goat’s cheese, pine nuts and Canterbury farm asparagus in this light, fresh and flavoursome menu. For mains, opt for the lamb loin provencal with new season tomato, black garlic, potato and thyme or the fish du jour en croute—fish-of-the-day with saffron mayo, caponata en croute.

For dessert, slip on those fancy-pants, because it includes a dish Nic once made for the Queen herself—buttermilk fromage blanc, summer strawberries, pistachio and basil. Wash it all down with a French rosé wine as you look out over the spectacular view. TRUE, we’re coming for you!

You Can Now Get Coffee Delivered To Your Door

If you always find yourself running out of coffee beans, we might have just found the best things you'll hear all week. Meet Bean Drop—a small coffee subscription based in Palmy, but delivering 250g of freshly roasted caffeinated goodness to your front door. There are currently three blends, light, medium and dark, which can be ground for either plunger, drip or espresso (or kept as the whole bean, if you're a grind-it-yourself kinda coffee drinkers).

Burger Burger Launches New Menu

All the cool kids go to Burger Burger, and now you have even more reason to visit this summer. They’ve teamed up with Mumm to serve up delicious bubbles as you devour a burger, weekdays from 3pm to 6pm.

Wholefoods Delivered To Your Door

The Real Meal Co. recently launched and is set to deliver fresh, wholefood meals to your door. While it is for anyone who loves to eat healthily, they also target people who are living with chronic illness and their supporters. Food is delivered twice a week—all you need to do is open, heat and enjoy!

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