Trend Watch | What You Will Be Eating, Wearing, Buying And Watching In 2016

By Chloe Sputore
31st Dec 2015

Trend Watch | What You Will Be Eating, Wearing, Buying And Watching In 2016, 2016 Trends

Image Credit: Scroll Ice Cream

While tonight’s New Year's Eve party may not live up to expectations, 2016 will definitely make up for it when it comes to what you will be eating, wearing, buying and watching.

There’s looking to be a whole lot of crazy exercise trends, a new set of superfoods to incorporate in to your already kale-heavy diet, crazy technology that will charge your phone in the blink of an eye and some highly anticipated films and TV shows to look forward to.

Here’s what you’ll be eating, wearing, buying and watching in 2016. It’s gonna be a goodun!


Rolled ice cream

Born out of Thailand, rolled ice cream is set to be the next big thing in the way of frozen desserts. The technique involves pouring a milk and cream combo onto a freezing plate, spreading it into a thin pancake and rolling it up into pretty and delicious ice cream scrolls. Then it’s topped with any number of delicious treats like chocolate sauce, nuts, fruit, etc. Melbourne got its first rolled ice cream parlour this year, Scroll Ice Cream, but we’ve got high hopes they’ll start popping up everywhere soon.

Smoking gets cool again

No, we’re not talking about cancer sticks, those things will never be cool ever again. We are talking about smoked food, a much more delicious and healthy way of playing with fire. This form of cooking has been on the rise in recent years and its popularity is nowhere close to waning. Smoked meats are already popular but the trend is expanding to veggies, cheese and fish. Yum!

Your favourite restaurant comes to your home

In 2016 we’ll finally be catching up to the big-guns in America and England when it comes to ordering in. Thanks to third-party delivery services like Deliveroo (UK) and Seamless (US), eating food from our favourite restaurants from the comfort of our own homes is now possible. Sorry Domino’s, your day is done! Deliveroo launched in Melbourne and Sydney earlier this year and is set to hop further afield in 2016. Netflix and chill just got a whole lot better!

What else? With the Rio Olympics kicking off in 2016, Brazilian fare is sure to get a popularity push and we’ll also meet the goji berry’s best friend, the golden berry, all the way from Peru. There’s sure to be another doughnut hybrid, Ethiopia is set to share more and more of their superfood and staple grain, teff, and when it comes to drinks, biodynamic wines have been on the up and up, a trend that’s looking to continue.



70’s mania is still rife and suede is making a comeback for the warmer months in 2016. If the fashion week catwalks are anything to go by we’ll mostly be seeing leather’s little sister in its usual mustard/golden brown tones, but some designers are experimenting with soft pastels and brighter hues. Shoes, bags, clothes—suede might just take over your wardrobe.

Half-moon bags

Thanks to Victoria Beckham, these moon-shaped bags will be all we’ll want to lug our daily necessities around in during the year of the monkey. Relaxed but chic, these bags are just about as dreamy as staring into space and more accessory labels are pegged to create similar takes on the style.

Spanish influences

Bold, bright and flowing with strong floral motifs, Spanish influences will be all the rage next year. Don’t believe us? Check with Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors and get back to us. With capes, floaty dresses and bell sleeves, flamenco fashions will add a little bit of fire and flare to your wardrobe and a whole lot of movement to your body.

What else? It’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot of A-line skirts, turtlenecks in winter, pleats, pyjama dressing, fringed details and Victorian silhouettes, while for the guys, tropical suits, suede jackets and stripes will be featuring heavily.


Rapid smartphone charger

StoreDot have created a charger said to fully juice up your smartphone in less than a minute. Rumoured to go on the market in 2016, StoreDot’s FlashBattery is going to be a GAME CHANGER.

More fitness related stuff

From wearable technology, to live-stream and video-on-demand exercise classes, to strange hybrid fitness memberships, we’ll be spending up big in 2016 to help keep us fit and healthy. Exercise-wise, there are new classes taking off around the world in trampolining, karaoke yoga, the ridiculous looking crunning (no that’s not eating a cronut while running) and yoga in the dark. Wearables are being incorporated into shoes and clothing with greater success and there are more options than ever for people who like to exercise from home using live-stream technology or video-on-demand.

Electric cars

Word on the street is Tesla’s Model 3 electric car will be unveiled in March next year in all its affordable glory. While the cars may not be on the streets ‘til 2017, it’s predicted that orders will start rolling in fast as the demand for an affordable, environmentally friendly vehicle is larger than ever.

What else? There will also most likely be a new suite of Apple products which we will hate to love and stay on crazy-long waitlists to get our hands on.


Fuller House

Our favourite San Fransiscans from the 90s are set to make a return to our TV screens in 2016 with Fuller House. A Netflix Original Series, the show follows the story of DJ who’s finding life a little tough as a recent widow and mother of three. She returns home to the Fuller house to get help from her sister Stephanie and best bud Kimmy. Joey, Jesse and Danny are set to make appearances in the first few episodes—we can’t wait to watch and see how many wrinkles they have/how much botox they’ve had. Chances of this series being terrible are high, but we won’t be able to resist watching our fave 90s fam.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Written by J.K. Rowling, directed by David Yates (responsible for the good Harry Potter films) and starring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them takes place in New York, 70 years before Harry Potter read the book of the same name. Following the journey of writer Newt Scamander as he navigates his way around a secret community of witches and wizards in the Big Apple. Harry Potter fans are expected to go bananas over this one!

Star Wars: Rogue One

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens late last year sent the world into a frenzy and that same frenzy is looking to continue into 2016 with the release of Star Wars: Rogue One. This will be the first Star Wars film to stray from the regular characters and plot lines, but will feature the same universe we know and love. Punters will have to wait until December for this one and if The Force Awakens is anything to go by the force will be very strong!

What else? Others to watch out for include Quentin Tarantino’s highly anticipated western The Hateful Eight, Derek Zoolander’s comeback in Zoolander 2, HBO’s latest and greatest sci-fi western release Westworld, the all-girl cast reprise of Ghostbusters and of course the Rio Olympics (yes, it’s already been four years)!

Happy New Year!

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