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Why Manpolish Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing

By Marilynn McLachlan
22nd Nov 2016

Why Manpolish Is Going To Be The Next Big Thing

If you think nail polish is only for women, it’s time to think again! With the likes of Jaden Smith leading the charge, the 'rules' about what men and women are allowed or not allowed to do are changing…and nail polish is right up there!

True, it’s not that new—Zac Effron and Seal showed off their painted nails years ago. And, look back and you’ll find David Bowie and Kurt Cobain did it, too…and even way wayyyyyy back, like thousands of years back, men polished their nails.

Spotting the rise of manpolish, we chatted with Alberto Viale of popular polish brand FABY, who gave us reasons why men will be wearing nail polish this spring. In fact, he’s so confident about this trend, they’ve just launched a Man Collection designed to specifically match men’s fashion!

To begin, when you think about it, nail polish is a fashion statement, a decoration. But so too, are things such as rings and bracelets—which both men and women wear—so it makes sense that men will now start following this trend.

In a similar vein, more and more men are realising that make up can actually be a great thing and wearing it. Make up, bracelets…these fashion statements will look even better with nail polish!

And…not that we’re ones to follow trends (we prefer to create them), should you or your bf decide to embrace this one, you’re in some seriously good company. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo does his nails, as does famous actor Johnny Depp as well as style icon Jean Paul Gaultier.

Add a little colour to your nails and there’s no doubt that you’ll spark conversation! Young, old, whatever, wherever and be the trendsetter you know you wanna be and everyone will want to talk to you because it’s all about you…and our nails!

Finally, let’s face it, your nails are just an extension of your personal brand. Add a little colour to those hands and you’re just finishing off your look—in impressive style!

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