Your (Un)Official Guide To Speaking Kiwi

By Martha Brooke
14th Nov 2016

how to understand the new zealand accent

Hey bru, welcome to New Zulland! Whether you’re fresh off the plane or have been in Ow-tee-ah-ro-ha for a while now, sometimes it can be hard to work out whether or not these friendly Kiwis are actually speaking English.

Guilty of merging and switching vowels and ending every sentence like they’re asking a question, Kiwis sure do make it hard for us newbies to fathom exactly what they are saying.

Instead of nodding, smiling and acting like you completely understand this unique accent, find an empty room, say the following words out loud and soon enough, you’ll be convincing everyone (and yourself!) that you are a true blue Kiwi!

Dick: A wooden platform outside a house. Usually enjoyed in the summertime.

Sucks: Comes before sivven

Tin: One more than nine.

Iggs: Laid by chickens and often enjoyed with evercardo on toast.

Fush: Found in the sea and enjoyed with chups.

Chups: Chips.

Why-poo: Small seaside town.

Tiddy Beer: Your cuds favourite stuffed toy.

Cud: A young person or goat.

Beer: Large mammal often found in forests.

Beer: Not clothed or covered.

Beer: A cold beverage enjoyed in the summer.

Rung: A piece of jewelry worn on a finger.

Bug: Large/ considerable size.

Beard: Where you go to sleep.

Hid: Rests on top of your neck.

Ear: What we breathe.

Stuck: A thin piece of wood found on a tree.

Pig: Used to hang up wet washing.

Hoe-Racky-Golf: A coastal area of New Zilland’s North Island

Silly-brities : A famous person.

Really: Something that hardly ever happens.

Fuck-a-tah-nee: A town in the Bay of Plenty region.

Cheer: Something to sit on, often round a table.

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