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Perth’s Best Cronuts And Cruffins

By Sarah Joanna Pope
21st Sep 2015

Perth’s Best Cronuts and Cruffins

Hylin | Image Credit: Louise Coghill

Kate Moss famously said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” and to her I say “cronuts.” To her I say “cruffins.” Yes, that’s right C-R-U-F-F-I-N-S—it’s what happens when a muffin makes sweet love to a croissant and it’s the best. It’s like a unicorn had a baby with Chuck Norris. It’s the best crossbreed since the Chusky (Chow Chow x Husky—which is so cute it makes my ovaries hurt, but I digress).

Without further ado we bring you Perth’s best cronuts and cruffins—and where to track down these magical beasts.

Hermosa Cantina


Holy delicate-layers-of-pastry-in-a-doughnut-shaped-treat! Hermosa Cantina is the place to go for awe-inspiring cronuts. They serve them up in all kinds of delightful ways; maltesers and caramel, popcorn and marshmallow, chocolate cheesecake, banoffee, strawberry and spiced chocolate, pina colada…oh god, I’m crying—they are just so beautiful.


West Leederville

Hylin, you dark horse, you. We thought you were all about that holier-than-thou acai bowl breakfast action and now we discover that you serve up devilish salted caramel cronuts—and Nutella cronuts? You go girl. Good for you.

Whisk Creamery


Whisk Creamery is my Everest; a food challenge of most epic sugar-laden proportions. These towering desserts will soon have you waddling for your insulin shot before you can say caramel sandwich—a cronut sandwich with salted caramel gelato, homemade salted caramel sauce and whipped cream. You can also customize it with your own choice of gelato, like choco…. Oh god, I’m crying again.



Give a Krispy Kreme-esque glazed cronut a forever home (in your belly) by visiting Lawleys bakery. These sugary cronuts will give you a sugar high, a very tasty sugar high, that you may never come down from. #worthit

May Street Larder

East Fremantle

Teaching us that you can always shove more butter and sugar into anything, May Street Larder bakes up massive salted caramel cruffins and passionfruit cruffins for those lucky enough to snap them up. Put on your fat pants and get in line.

Sugar and Nice


Perth’s online dessert diva, Made by Marnie, has been churning out Perth’s most fantastical and decadent sweets from her totes adorbs baking HQ in Inglewood, Sugar and Nice. Mango and lime curd cronuts, raspberry and pistachio cronuts, peanut butter and jam cronuts, maple bacon cronuts…the list of deliciousness goes on.

Typika Artisan Roasters


Claremont peeps get their dose of layered-pastry love at Typika Artisan Roasters, where cronuts beckon them from the counter. Here customers regularly fight each other to the death to get their hands on daily specials like the cookies and cream and rocky road cronuts. True story. No foolin’.


North Beach

There is no sweeter escape than gorging on a Malteaser cheesecake cronut from Tropico in North Beach, except maybe the berry pavlova and lemon curd. Oh shoot, the lemon and lime meringue ones are pretty good too and then there’s the chocolate and blueberry… *head exploding*



Do you know the cruffin man? LaBelleSweets were being stalked by their cronut and cruffin crazy fans at markets around town so they opened up their store in Lathlain so we can creep on their pastry collections from Friday to Sunday. Their cruffins and DoANuts (what they call their cronuts) can still be found at the Vic Park and Kalamunda Markets.

Finlay and Sons no 917


Start the day the old fashioned way—with your whole week’s sugar intake. Grab a honeycomb and chocolate cronut or salted caramel cronut from the countertop of Inglewood cafe Finlay & Sons no 917. Your food baby will thank you.

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