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10 Things To Do This Melbourne Cup Day In Sydney

By Phoebe McRae
9th Oct 2017

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Whether you love it or hate it, Melbourne Cup day is coming. There’s a whole heap of things going on all over the city and we totally understand if you’re feeling overwhelmed because we are too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the party people at The Star Sydney to uncover 9 of the best things to do on Cup Day this year.

#1 Pretend It’s Not Cup Day

Look. The Melbourne Cup isn’t for everyone. Skip the whole champagne and fascinator thing, pretend you don’t know what day it is and save your hard earned cash for something more to your taste. Like cutting a rug to DJ Havana Brown that night at Rock Lily or, you know, eating.

#2 Go To Work & Actually Work

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to be allowed to watch the race that stops the nation and just have to carry on working while the rest of you stop to do the 4 minutes 32 seconds thing. You too could be one of those people.

#3 Eat Yourself Into A Food Coma

How does the saying go again? When in doubt, eat. If you have no idea what the hell you want to do for Melbourne Cup, why not just eat? Harvest is putting on their oh-so famous buffet so you can stuff yourself silly then roll home to bed.

#4 Take A Sickie & Spend Your Day At The Beach

Depending on your workplace, the first Tuesday of November is usually a bludge day so you might as well just chuck a sickie and spend your day at the beach. No one’s going to notice when they’re four glasses of bubbles deep.

#5 Treat Yourself To Somewhere Real Fancy

If you’re in the mood to frock or suit up, you might as well treat yourself to somewhere fancy. We’re taking champagne, oysters and a long, long lunch, somewhere like Balla (their tiramisu alone is worth dressing up for). Take on a four-course Italiano feast and watch the race like a VIP. Go on, you deserve it.

#6 Kick Back With Burgers, Beers & Your Best Mates

LBH, nothing beats a couple of burgers and beers with your mates. If you’re after laid-back Cup Day we strongly suggest you hit the 24/7 Sports Bar, wrap your lips around a beef or chicken slider (or both) and kick back while you wait to see who will be crowned the king stallion.

#7 Ignore The Race & Nab One Of The Best Seats In Sydney

Front row seats on Melbourne Cup day mean those closest to the screen but if you choose to ignore the race you could nabs some of the best seats in Sydney. Book yourself in to a harbour facing foodie spot, such Black Bar & Grill, and take in the insta-worthy views while still making the most of the race day atmosphere.

#8 Sleep

Sleep is always a good idea.

#9 Go Fishing

Forget about racing and hit the seas to catch your lunch. Or you could just go to Sokyo who serve up some of the best raw fish in Sydney. You do you.

#10 Be Crowned Best Dressed

You've officially got four weeks to nail your outfit. From the shoes to the bag to the pocket square—it all counts. The all you need to do is hit up Cherry and become the best-dressed king or queen. You've got this!

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