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11 Activities To Do This Weekend To Unleash Your Inner Big Kid

By Ellen Seah
12th Jan 2018

Occasionally, even the most sophisticated, matured, ripe beings among us require a break from literature, fine red wine and electrifying rounds of chess.

(We’ve been on a break for the last fifteen years).

If you’ve been trawling Google for activities that will leave any resemblance of adulthood in the dust, you’ve come to the right place, friend. We teamed up with Ford to bring you all the activities to do this weekend if you’re basically just a giant kid (their Ford Escape makes a pretty good non-imaginary bestie).

And like an unsupervised two-year old in a candy store, once you get started on this list, you’ll never want to stop.

#1 Swing Off The Trees At Jump Rock

Nothing says ‘big kid’ like jumping in puddles, amirite?! Ok, technically, Jump Rock is more water hole than puddle, but it’s the same idea, yeah?! After a short stroll through some bushland in Albion Park on the south coast, you’ll find his hidden gem, which is not only a pretty cool place to take a dip, but you can climb up onto the rocks and go full ‘kid-mode’ by swinging off some ropes attached to the trees

#2 Crawl Through A Tunnel

Remember when you were at school and you’d crawl through anything, just because?! Well don’t let age stop you because there is deadest a small tunnel near the Manly and Queenscliff headland, that, to be honest, is equal parts fun and scary (ok, admittedly we are scared of dark, creepy places). What happens inside do you ask? Well you’re just going to have to find out for yourself!

#3 Do The Ultimate Flying Fox

Flying foxes are cool and all but look, a 2m one ala the kids playground is just not going to cut it anymore Well enter a 1km zipline flying fox at Treetops. Head to the hills (district) for this one and show everyone how the real (big) kids do it. 

#4 Sing Your Heart Out At Karaoke

Our singing voice is probably just as bad as when we went to our mate Steph’s year seven karaoke party, but god, karaoke never gets old (or less fun!). Dynasty in Haymarket is our pick (it’s also a little bit fancy), or for an absolute bargain, head to Echopoint on Pitt St for $6/hr happy hour between 12-6pm daily (seriously, you can go bang out some ‘Livin On A Prayer’ in your lunchbreak for next to nothing).

#5 Join The Circus

Don’t let your childhood dream of running off to the circus, be just that, make it a reality at Sydney Trapeze School and fly graciously* through the air like they do at Cirque de Solei. *likeliness of being gracious is slim to none.

#6 Have A Crack At Go-Karting

Why ride when you can drive a Go Kart? Eastern Creek Karts is located just off the M7 and is the perfect place to grab your mates so you can all re-live that (unrealistic) fantasy of one day being a race car driver.

#7 Get High Trampolining

Jumping on one trampoline is good, jumping on 20 of them is even better, right?! Embrace your inner child and jump like no one’s watching at Sky High for the ultimate fitness test (seriously, you’ll be wishing you had your 12-year-old self stamina back). Just remember to stretch it out afterwards­—you’re old(er) now.

#8 Embrace Your Inner Mike Fanning

Learning to surf was hard back at the day, but with age comes balance (or so we’re told), so give it another crack either at Manly or Bondi and just pray for small waves so you look like you have some idea, compared to the little ripper of a grommit on the next break over (and pro tip – bigger the board, easier it is to stand up).

#9 Get Wet at Wet’n’Wild

Remember when you’re parents were deciding where to take the family for the annual summer holiday and errrrry year you prayed for Queensland so you could go to Wet’n’Wild?! Well you can be 10 again AND you don’t even have to be in a car with dad for 14 hours playing eye spy, thanks to everyone’s favourite waterpark being just off the M7. No matter how many times we go down a waterslide, it (and us) never gets old!

#10 Go Against Your Mates At Paintball

Paintball is legit. So legit in fact, that when you get hit you’ll probably cry like you did back in primary school, because let’s be honest—paintballing hurts! So put your big girl (or boy) pants on for this one and round up your toughest mates to battle it out like you did back in 1999.

#11 Three Words: Roller Skating Disco

Two of our most favourite childhood things all rolled into one; disco and roller skating! Re-live your glory days back at your year 5 roller party, by hitting the ring once again and showing the kids you’ve still got it (well, for those two minutes between holding onto the sides).

Image credit: Federica Portentoso for The Urban List 

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