5 Essential Golden Gaytime Desserts To Try In Sydney

By Anna May
3rd Feb 2017

sydney's best golden gaytimes

Sometimes, life is about salads and other disgusting things. But today, friends, today life is about getting your God-given right to the biscuity, honeycomb goodness that is a Golden Gaytime. As you know, Sydney doesn’t do anything in halves, so we’ve tracked down the most life-defining GG desserts our city has to offer. Doughnuts, sundaes, frappes, and deep-fried for days, it’s all out there waiting for you. 

You know what they say… It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own. Which is low-key wrong, because honestly, who would want to share a Gaytime? That’s right, shake your head. 

The ‘It’s Always A Gaytime’ Golden Gaytime Doughnut At Doughnut Time

Multiple Locations

Obviously the name and location of this panty-dropping bad boy is a dead giveaway, but let’s delve in deeper, because if anything deserves your time and respect, it’s the heavenly combination of Gaytime and Doughnut Time. This irresistibly fluffy creation comes with milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelised crepes, and is filled with honeycomb custard because you deserve it. Like I said: panty dropper. This is a limited time offer, guys, so make it your mission to get this inside you pronto. Nothing tastes as bitter as the doughnut you never got to enjoy. 

The Deep Fried Golden Gaytime At Lady Hampshire


Let’s not beat around the bush here, because there’s no room for such silliness when the topic is one of deep-fried Golden Gaytimes. Let’s break this one down: sure, it’s a deep fried friggin’ Gaytime, but the art is in keeping the outside batter crunchy, while paying respect to the crumbly, biscuity goodness in the middle, all the while retaining that heavenly honeycomb inside that deserves to be nurtured. Lady Hampshire treats the Golden Gaytime with the respect it deserves, so you can tuck into it like the animal you are. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Golden Gaytime Goodness In General At Tella Balls Dessert Bar

Multiple Locations

Oh yeah, you know these guys. You know that they literally took the world by storm when they made a doughnut, filled it with Nutella, poked a straw through it and popped said straw in a Nutella shake. Obviously, we were all ears then. But now it’s just a simple case of “Shut up and take my money” with their Golden Gaytime-inspired menu items. Think of GG Belgian waffles with GG gelato, house made golden sauce and legitimate GG biscuit crumble. Not so keen on food with ridges? No dramas, dairy farmers. Go get your ass involved in the Golden Gaytime pancakes. If you’re more of a liquid diet kind of gal, the GG shake is always there for you. This isn’t food, this is life. So start living, friend. 

Deep Fried Golden Gaytime Sundae Frappe From What The Fudge


Goodness me… Yet another Sydney cafe tackling the deep-fried Gaytime. And we’re not mad about it. Cabramatta’s What The Fudge is the perfect place to hit up on cheat day (or, y’know, Wednesday) and get a crunchy, melty, chocolate drizzled deep fried Golden Gaytime sundae frappe. There are three OTT GG goodies to destroy upon ordering this, so bring your spare stomachs and for God’s sake wear stretchy pants. You remember when L’Oreal was all like “you’re worth it”? Well, you’re worth more, and more is this dessert.

Golden Gaytime

Your local servo or corner store

If all of this deep frying, pancaking, and doughnuting has got you all in a tiz, feel free to kick it old school and hit up your trusty local, slide open the freezer door, and treat ‘yo self to the OG delicious biscuity treat. Hell yeah. 

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Image credit: Caitlin Hicks at Lady Hampshire

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