7 Of Our Favourite Jewellery Designers From Sydney

By Pilar Mitchell
31st Jul 2016

baby anything jewellery

A good outfit lives and dies by its accessories. Put a sparkly necklace over a dodgy t-shirt and suddenly you’re fancy. Even activewear looks more street than gym with a bit of bling. Sydney is packed with fabulous jewellery designers, so we’ve raided our jewellery boxes, consulted with our most fashionable friends, and hit the streets to find you the best and brightest baubles this city has to offer.  

Baby Anything

Lucie Ferguson of Baby Anything believes that precious metals conduct energy, and that a part of a person’s spirit stays with a piece even when it’s not being worn. She makes delicate fine gold bands adorned with pretty drops of semi-precious stones. The rings cry out to be worn in multiples, or broken up by wider rings with bands of letters reading “BABE” and “HEAVEN”.

Available from South of the Border, Bondi & Cronulla


Necklaces, rings and bracelets by Pushmataaha are chunky, bold and demand attention. Gold is contrasted with turquoise or impossibly deep black stones, and each piece has an edgy energy. Designer Virginia Rouse’s designs are worthy of a tribal princess. Oversized rings have pointed clusters of stones, and spiked metal neckpieces don’t just decorate, they command.

Available from Fox & Dove Boutique, Mosman

Love Fairley 

If Pushmataaha’s jewellery is unabashedly bold, Love Fairley’s pieces are mellow and viscous, wending their slow way into your heart until you’ve bought more beautiful bangles than you’ve got forearm to wear them on. Bracelets represent designer Susannah Fairley’s best work. Some are coloured leather contrasted with silver beads, others are serpentine bangles whose metal is coaxed into easy, organic shapes.

Available from Jim + Jane, Annandale

Kerry Rocks

Kerry Rocks is a collaboration between jewellers and lovers from two different worlds: he’s from Mexico and she’s from Sydney. The designs fuse Art Nouveau with Mexican heritage, and use ancient carving and stone cutting techniques learned in Europe and Asia. The result of so many influences could easily be chaos, but Kerry Rocks’ aesthetic is delicate and sure of itself. 

Available from Kerry Rocks, Paddington

Deer Ruby

Deer Ruby is your cool older sister. She rides her cruiser barefoot to the beach, she’s not friends with the band, she’s in it, and sometimes if she’s in a good mood, she lets you raid her closet. Like the sister whose look is a perfect clash of styles, Deer Ruby’s jewellery is all the shapes in perfect harmony. Spiky triangle earrings sit happily next to ear climbers with a delicate hanging chain; knuckle dusters and cocktail rings are bestie neighbours on the same hand.

Available from Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks


Working out of the Francis Street Atelier on the fringes of Sydney’s CBD, Swedish-born Elin Hammarstrӧm makes jewellery that’s keenly aware of the body it will eventually decorate. That’s probably why her neckpieces, rings and bracelets curve so easily around collarbones or wrists, almost like they were made just for you.

Available from Francis Street Atelier, Darlinghurst

Haus of Dizzy 

Sometimes you want sophisticated metal work and precious stones, and sometimes you want gigantic dangling heart earrings encrusted in sparkles. Haus of Dizzy, created by Indigenous designer Kristy Dickinson does 80s edge like no other. Haus of Dizzy isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for a girl who laughs loudly and thinks everyone, including herself, is fabulous. 
She’s right.

Available from DEA Store, Redfern and @ Workshop Makery, Darlinghurst

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Image credit: Baby Anything

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