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Dig Deep On Dark Data With Cambridge Analytica Whistle-Blower, Christopher Wylie

By Sammy Preston
5th Aug 2019

Christopher Wylie Antidote Festival | Urban List Sydney

Last month, Netflix dropped its dark data doco The Great Hack—an unnerving rundown of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and an unsettling glimpse into the twisted reality of stored, bought and manipulated personal data, from voting preferences all the way through to emotional tendencies.

It’s scary stuff, and it probably made you think twice about whether or not to download FaceApp.

If you’ve watched it, you probably also have thoughts about Brittany Kaiser. For example: Who is she? How did she rise to such a position of influence? Why have documentarians Karim Amer and Jehane Noujaim given her so much airtime, at Burning Man and in a pool at a luxury resort in Thailand? Am I supposed to believe she’s now a good person, making thoughtful decisions about humanity or just someone shamelessly seeking a slice of celebrity?

For everyone who also felt that guy with the pink hair—an actual data scientist, the whistle-blower on the whole outrageous affair, and (according to The Great Hack) the only reason Keiser ever spoke out about her role at Cambridge Analytica—really didn’t get enough airtime in the documentary, well we’ve got some good news for you. News that’s maybe flown a bit under the radar, until now.

Christopher Wylie is headed Down Under as part of Sydney Opera House’s Antidote Festival. The festival is all about ideas, change, rebellion and unconventional action—making Wylie a pretty perfect fit.

For a talk titled Dark Data, Wylie will be joined by Andrei Soldatov, a Russian investigative journalist specialising in Russia’s crazy secret service (a guy Putin has labelled “the single most prominent critic of Russia's surveillance apparatus”).

The talk will be hosted by the editor of The Guardian Australia, Lenore Taylor, and it's set to be a pretty robust chat on all the things The Great Hack touched on: the weaponisation of information, the erosion of privacy, corporate ethics and what propaganda looks like in the modern world. Tea. Spilt.

Grab your tickets here.

To check out some of the other awesome talks and workshops happening for Antidote, head here.


What: Dark Data with Christopher Wylie and Andrei Soldatov
When: Sunday 1 September, 6-7.15pm
Where: Sydney Opera House

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