Get Ready To Sip Cheese Foam At This New Bubble Tea Emporium

By Bianka Dorman
10th Apr 2019

Brisbanes Best Bubble Tea

Big news. Melbourne’s much-loved Gotcha Fresh Tea is launching their first Sydney store this month, so get ready to sip on all of their dreamy sweet, fruity, tapioca pearl-loaded beverages.

The bubble tea trend has well and truly saturated Sydney streets of late. However, unlike other tea stores, Gotcha Fresh Tea brews each order fresh using only pure fruit pulps and no artificial syrups or flavours. They also source tea from their very own tea plantation back in Taiwan: these guys are the real bubble tea deal.

Hit up their stunning blush pink stores to sip on all your favourites as well as Gotcha’s more curious, fancy and intriguing mixtures, like toffee milk tea and kumquat plum green tea. There’s also a full menu of collagen teas to sip if you’re looking for a potion to plump your skin.

One of the more curious drinks on the menu has to be the cheese foam tea. For the unacquainted, it’s basically a chilled tea (either green or black) topped with a dense layer of salted cream cheese foam.

The New York Times called out the salty-sweet concoction as one of the big food trends of 2019, claiming cheese tea is actually a bunch tastier than it sounds—and while you can pick up a specimen in a few spots in Sydney already, Gotcha has several versions on the menu to choose from (Cheese Foam Sun Moon Lake or Cheese Foam Four Seasons are some of the most alluring, to be sure).

And naturally, you can add pearls and jelly to any and all flavours and styles.

The first of a set of two Gotcha Fresh Tea stores will be opening on Dixon Street in China Town this month, followed by a second at Broadway in May and more due to appear in Burwood, Chatswood, Parramatta and Strathfield very soon. Check their website for more info. 

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Image credit: Gotcha Fresh Tea. 

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