Southern Thai Is On The Menu At Surry Hills Eating House

By Sophia Fukunishi
21st Dec 2014

Located right where the infamous Harry’s Singapore Chilli Crab used to be (you know, above that kind of dodgy looking pub) sits Surry Hills Eating HouseThe latest addition to the Spice I Am group, Surry Hills Eating House doesn’t stray too far from its brothers—Spice I Am up the road and House downstairs. 

We checked out one of Sydney’s best new Thai restaurants, Surry Hills Eating House.

Opened only a few months ago by chef, Sujet Saenkham and partner Padet Nagsalab, Surry Hills Eating House serves up Southern Thai food with Chinese and Indian/Malay influences. If we had to describe the food in one word it would be spicy. But that’s how we like our Thai food. 

Most dishes on the one page menu may be unfamiliar, but rest assured that whatever you choose to order it will be delicious. And most likely spicy. Order your drinks at the bar, your food at the table, and prepare yourself for a unique Thai adventure for your taste buds.

We start with the pla tod phae (curried whitebait fritter with house-made sweet chilli sauce and crushed cashews) that’s crunchy and deep-fried with a little bit of sweetness from the sweet chilli sauce. The pak mor youan is steamed minced pork and spring onion wrapped in the softest, stickiest rice paper. The little parcel is smooth, full of flavour and all sorts of amazing.

Onto mains, and we can’t get enough of the gaeng kiew wan nua which is a green curry with slow cooked beef and served with roti. The beef is that gorgeous fall-apart kind and the curry is deliciously hot. Dipping the fluffy roti into the curry is something we crave nearly daily and is a dish we order every time we’re there.

The gaeng het pho is a Phuket-style curry of bar cod fillet, Thai black mushroom and betel leaf. The fish is delicate and the red curry is that moreish sweet and spicy combination which we’re so very into. Finally, we dig into the gai pad khraung sra, which is a dry Phuket-style chicken-thigh curry that’s served with masala spice and roasted coconut. Unsurprisingly, this dish is just as tasty as the dishes that came before and we loved chowing down on the perfectly cooked chicken with some simply steamed rice.

The dessert menu at Surry Hills Eating House is short and sweet, featuring taro with durian coconut cream and the classic sago with black beans and is the perfect way to round off the meal.

It’s safe to say we’re a little bit obsessed with Surry Hills Eating House and all the delicious Thai dishes it creates (we’ve been there more than three times in the last few weeks, if that’s any indication). Be sure to book, as it does get busy and definitely bring a healthy appetite—you’ll want to try as many dishes as possible on this unique menu.

Image credit: Lisa Brooke

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