We’re Nuts for Nutella | Sydney’s Best Nutella Dishes

By Amanda Perez
23rd Sep 2015

Sydney's best nutella dishes - nutella muffin, Rell's Kitchen

Nutella. Just take a moment to breathe that word in. Close your eyes and meditate on its rich, creamy, chocolatey-yet-nutty flavour and that seductive glisten as it melts off the knife [spoon] and onto your toast [tongue].

There literally isn’t anything in the world that Nutella can’t top (or be put on top of). And, because life is short and dessert is sweet, we’ve rounded up the best Nutella dishes in Sydney. Because you’re worth it.

The Nutella and Ricotta Cheesecake from Pasticceria Papa


The chocolatier and hazelnuttier younger sibling to Haberfield patisserie Papa’s iconic ricotta cheesecake, the Nutella and ricotta cheesecake is making waves around Sydney for all the right reasons. The creamy ricotta and hints of vanilla teamed with the crumbly shortcrust marry so well with gooey Nutella that divorce of this flavour combination would be cray. Because we preach that you should regularly #TreatYoSelf, we recommend you go all out and get the bigger version of this cake over the mini single portion. Decrease the ratio of filling to crust to maximise bliss.

Nutella Doughnut from Chef and the Barista

Neutral Bay

Home of Sydney’s original Nutella doughnut ball, Chef and the Barista have been nailing the art of doughnut ball making for the last two and a half years. Less ‘ball’ and more ‘beehive’ shaped, these choc-full doughnuts are easy to eat, especially when steamy hot and oozing with hazelnutty goodness. Sprinkled with sugar, they are super soft and pair so well with the creamy sharpness of a Chef and Barista coffee. Available only on Sundays, we encourage you to pre-order because you canNUT miss out. Geddit?!

Tella Ball Milkshake from Foodcraft Espresso


Foodcraft Espresso saw the freakshake craze and decided to get in on the action by spearing their best-selling Nutella doughnut balls with a straw into their best-selling (and generously portioned) Nutella milkshake. Because, why not? This concoction has milk-shaken the world, with peeps in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and even Scotland drooling from the sidelines. Keep in mind, access to this “off-menu” dish means you’ve gotta be in the know to order one. Even though doughnut ball production kicks off at 1am, Sydney cannot get enough, so get in before they sell out!

Nutella Muffin from Rell's Kitchen


For an on-the-go eat that will stop you in your tracks, the Nutella muffin from Rell’s Kitchen stars swirls of Nutella baked into a soft, crumbly muffin that will stuff you with those warm, sweet feels. Bringing new meaning to the muffin top, the top of this bad boy gets a little cupcakey and wears a dab of Nutella with a strawberry beret.

Cruffin with Nutella from White Rabbit

Sydney CBD

For those morning feels when you can’t choose between a croissant or a muffin, White Rabbit has got your back. Throw out your old pillow, because the pillowy softness of White Rabbit’s Cruffin with Nutella is about to become a fixture in your life. Crispy like a croissant, crumbly like a muffin, slathered with Nutella, then sprinkled with ground pistachio and flaked almonds, every bite is a surprise and each of which is northing short of heavenly.  

Nutella Dessert Pizza from Pizza Autentico

Surry Hills

For those of us who prioritise desserts over mains for dinner (#preach), Pizza Autentico brings you a Nutella pizza made by the people who know good pizza. Make like the Italians and get that thin pizza base, but get it layered up with the decadent richness of Nutella, strawberries, and whipped cream. It’s amore!

Sydney’s Best Fried Maltella from Piccolo Me


The Maltella at Piccolo Me is a prime example of the unique fusion that Nutella inspires, in this case, crushed Maltesers + deep-fried Nutella ice cream + a salted caramel syringe. The big crispy cricket ball you never knew you needed, the key to this dish is the texture of the crunch and the drizzle of caramel. Available every day until sold out in their CBD cafes, as well as in Crows Nest and Macquarie Uni.

Nutella Scroll from Oregano Bakery


Baked fresh everyday, this family bakery makes mini and fist-sized Nutella and Banana Scrolls that reel in Nutella fans like moths to a delicious, oozy flame. Get (at least part of) your dose of potassium in the hint of fresh banana that is mixed in with the Nutella sitting on top of your scroll in a generous swirl. Enjoy the soft, twisted layers of buttery dough with lashings and lashings of Nutella, guaranteed to get all over everything for the most undignified, fingerlickin’ fun you’ve had in a long time. Something about these scrolls and the carefree eating they necessitate has infected all of Sydney, so much so, that if you live too far from South Hurstville, you can get them delivered!

Image credit: Nicola Sevitt at Rell's Kitchen

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