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You Can Now Rent People’s Driveways In Sydney

By Ange Law
13th Dec 2016

Parking rental Sydney

For anyone who can never find a park when they get to the beach —we’re looking at you Bondi Beach-goers— then this one is for you. A couple of legends in Bondi were sick of seeing empty driveways, while trawling the streets for a place to park their Yaris, so they’ve gone and made an app to solve all their problems. 

It’s called Share with Oscar and you can think of it as an AirBnB for your car. Locals are making the most of their prime car real estate by listing their spot on the app, for you to own for the day (or hour). The charge will depend on the location and duration of your stay. 

We’re hanging out for more long-term car spots and we bet you are too, so stay tuned. The app is available on Android and iOS, so get on that stat.

While you're in Bondi, why not tick a few of these off your list?

Image credit: Working Title Films

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