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15 Signs You Need A Mid-Year Holiday

By Rachel Lay
14th Jun 2018

It’s already mid-year people. We know, we know—it feels like only yesterday we set our out of offices for the Christmas break and now it’s EOFY, and we’re officially ready for a holiday. Chances are you are too, so if you can relate to any of the below, we suggest booking a holiday, stat. Because here are 15 signs you really, really need a Gold Coast holiday...(or, just WIN ONE here!)

In case you need any inspo, we're just going to leave this here...

  1. You’re “running a bit late” for work nearly every day now.

  2. Your formerly pristine inbox is now a total joke.

  3. You’re signed up to at least 6 different travel deal sites' emails. 

  4. You stare longingly at a pic of some azure waters far away from your inbox on your desktop background every day (Tallebudgera Creek, we're looking at you). 

  5. You’re so stressed pretty much everything you do is a mistake.

  6. Your Insta is lacking some much-needed wanderlust vibes, give us a hinterland backdrop and we're sold. 

  7. Your workday consists of checking the clock every five minutes to see if it’s home time yet. It’s not.

  8. You’re likely to be found eating lunch at 10am in order to make the day go faster.

  9. You start online shopping for your fantasy holiday and asking all the important questions, like, is this tee more Burleigh or Broadbeach?!

  10. And planning out the best eats on your trip… oh hey there bug rolls at Rick Shores!

  11. You spend longer than necessary looking at the travel minis in the supermarket, despite not being in the market for any.

  12. Your phone is filled with screenshots of things to do when you inevitably go on holiday—cue SUPing and indoor iFly skydiving.

  13. You know more about the destination than the locals based on the research you’ve done.

  14. You’re just really sick of your city.

  15. And you’ve earned it.

So—we’re guessing your neck is probs sore from nodding along in agreement with those? Right. So, check out the Destination Gold Coast website now and get the booking. You need a holiday, seriously.

Editor’s note: this article was produced in partnership with Destination Gold Coast. Thank you for supporting the partners who make The Urban List possible. You can read our editorial policy here.

Image credit: Hayley Williamson 

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