Crème Egg Milkshakes Exist And We Can’t Even

By Albert Cho - 21 Mar 2018

Crème Egg Milkshakes At Orleans

You can’t let this Easter go past without getting your hands on some Cadbury Crème Eggs—whether you’re a fan of them or not. It’s an Easter tradition and has earned the reputation of being an iconic staple for this long weekend. But, for those of you who are fans of the infamous Crème Egg, boy do we have news for you.

Our favourite pub and cheat day joint Orleans has just released some epic news: their new creation is the Crème Egg Milkshake! Just imagine the decadent treat blended into cold, refreshing and indulgent liquid form, topped off with whipped cream, drizzled with sweet caramel sauce and garnished with a Crème Egg of course.

These shakes are going to be ready for us as of next Wednesday (28th March) to kick off their weekly Waffle & Shake Wednesday. Lucky for us, these babies will be served until the end of April but Easter is the perfect excuse to get in there early.

The Deets:

What: Orleans Crème Egg Milkshake

Where: Orleans

When: March 28th

Image Credit: Supplied

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