8 of Brisbane’s Best Share Plate Spots

By Desta Cullen
1st Oct 2013

We know, you dear reader, are in a jam. The share plate concept is currently more ubiquitous than Miley Cyrus/VMA train wreck memes, so it can be nigh on impossible to get a handle on who is actually doing it the best. Because you deserve only the greatest, we've done the heavy sharing to curate a list for those floundering in a share-plate wasteland.

Gerard's Bistro

Oh, lord, how we love Gerard's share plates. Let us count the ways. We love their goat covered, flatbread circle of heaven. We love their bekka chicken wings, and we love their smoked octopus. We love their melting, beef brisket and their insanely good, fried cauliflower. We love their kale, and we love their suckling pig. We also feel pretty amorous towards their killer drinks menu, and stunning dessert selection.

Hatch & Co

Gasworks newbie, Hatch & Co, is home to large and small share plates, and the focus here is amazingly slow-cooked meats in very generous cuts. The large share plates include a heavenly slow-cooked Boston-butt pork, with scratching and apple jam, and a whole, crispy-fried market fish. Divine. Their smaller plates are ideal as a starter for two, and include flat-iron steak, charcuterie, and a farmhouse terrine. (And, just for the record, we've never met a terrine we didn't like.)

Kettle & Tin

The share plates at Kettle & Tin cater to every appetite, and come in small, medium, and large. The small plates include the tempting likes of Louisiana style, deep fried pickles, pork belly fries, and broccolini with sesame and oyster sauce. The medium plates are just as delish', with chinese BBQ wings, confit duck nachos, and prawn and chorizo jambalaya. The large plate selections feature an unctuous kangaroo fillet with potato salad, a lamb rump with Israeli cous cous, and a killer porterhouse steak. Top this all off with Kettle & Tin's amazing drinks menu (seriously, you need to try their cocktails), and you've got yourself one very good night out.


Blowing any 'share means small' sceptics out of the water with their generously rustic servings, Popolo is definitely for the people. One arancini or two is an agonising decision as you graze on the likes of Kingaroy suckling pig with spiced apple and peach compote, and anchovy sauce. Did we say yum already?

Foxy Drop

Foxy is as foxy does, and my, oh my Foxy Drop, you are doing it right. The Hyde to Foxy Bean's Jekyll, this is arguably one of Brisbane's funkiest share plate locations with a modern Australian twist. Pass up the Salt Cod Croquettas with Manchego at your own peril.

Next Door Kitchen & Bar

This cheeky, prohibition-inspired establishment in South Bank's dining heartland is a solid shareplater. With three tiers of share plates at varying price points ($14.5-$22.5), dishes like the Gangster Chicken Wings will be your delicious introduction to a whole new world of dining.  

Sake Restaurant & Bar

Don't be fooled by the fine dining label, Sake is still one of the best share plate establishments in Brisbane. You may not want to share the delightfully crunchy morsels of Popcorn Shrimp, or the delicately seared, expertly sliced Beef Tataki but keeping them all to yourself would be a tad greedy, wouldn't it?  


If you'd like to reminisce a simpler time when tapas were the only kind of share plates we Antipodeans knew, then Peasant is your place. Go classical with the Grilled Chorizo with Mojo Verde or let the Amontillado Braised Rabbit with Chat Potatoes and Heirloom Onions, plus the extensive wine list, woo you as only a Latin lover could.

Know any great share plate spots we've missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Daniel Maddock

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