A Mind-Blowing Virtual Reality Film Festival Is In Town—Here’s What To Watch

By Catherine Blake
24th Aug 2018


You know how sometimes a movie is so enthralling that it just completely sucks you in and you feel more than just a spectator? Well get ready for that kind of immersive experience to be the norm because virtual reality cinema is here and we get to pick the camera angles.

Created with the help of Vast Yonder, this festival will challenge not only the way you see the world, but the way you used to see cinema. To give us a taste of the future of film, the Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival has arrived at the Powerhouse with a program of mind-expanding features that elevate the VR experience way beyond gimmick status. to take the stress out of choosing what to see, here are our picks of the bunch:

Take Every Wave

Ever wanted to ride the big waves like a pro? Ever wanted to do it with a pro? Take Every Wave: Laird in VR does just that—and it's wild! As the viewer, you're on a hydrofoil board with Laird Hamilton, himself riding one of the world's longest waves in Chicama, Peru. Mind-boggling!


RONE takes the viewer into the titular, award-winning street artist's exhibition and a sneak peek inside his studio, giving you a front-row seat behind his epic murals.

A Thin Black Line

As the VR 'controller' (aka the viewer) on screen you'll embody a small girl, controlling a pair of IK rigged arms so that you can interact with objects and your (VR) surroundings. Stylised like the works of Vernon Ah Kee, the whole thing looks like an incredible moving masterpiece of charcoal on paper. Honeslty, some people have far too much talent...

This cutting edge of cinema is currently showing at the Powerhouse with sessions every day until Sunday. For more info including the details about all the films in the program, head over the Powerhouse website and get booking. The days of sitting in a comfy chair are numbered.

The details

What: Virtual Reality Film Festival
Where: Powerhouse
When: Wednesday 22 – Sunday 26 August
Tickets: $20, available here.


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