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Beauty Roadtest | The Vichy Shower Treatment

By Susannah George
8th Jan 2014

Life has been a little hectic lately, so when 5th Avenue Beauty & Day Spa extended an invitation to try their new Vichy shower experience, I quite literally jumped at the chance. (Just ask the team – no one else got a look in.) 

I love Vichy treatments. If you haven't had one before, you must. They're right up there with week-long, secluded beach holidays. Massages beside waterfalls. Someone telling you that a deadline you'd been dreading has been extended by another week… 

Quite simply, they're a life-changing body and mind reset. Vichy instantly makes your worries and stresses melt away. 

A Vichy Shower involves lying face down on a pseudo massage table, with gutters running either side to whisk the water away. Slowly and deliberately, the therapists moves the multi-nozzle shower over your body, focusing on pressure points and adjusting the nozzles so that the 6 jets shower warm water at varying frequencies, from head to toe.  

At 5th Avenue Beauty in Wilston, it's also accompanied by a full body salt scrub, sloughing away life and leaving you replenished and almost ready to get back to your day.

There aren't too many spa treatments that I find both relaxing and invigorating, but Vichy ticks both boxes. You will need a few minutes to come back down to earth, but you won't leave woozy or drowsy – just in a better head space! 

Vichy benefits?

-Reduced muscle tension
-Immunity boost (courtesy of an engaged lymphatic system)
-A really, really great escape for an hour, or a day!

Thank you to 5th Avenue Beauty & Day Spa for treating me to the experience and an escape from the urban grind! To those who need a holiday but don't have the annual leave up your sleeve, hop to Wilston. It's the next best thing to a 6-star island escape.  

Vichy Spa 5th Avenue Day Spa Wilston

Image Credit: Daniel Maddock

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