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Brisbane Is Getting A Coffee Festival And We Can’t DEAL!

By Alex Topakas
17th Aug 2017


No matter how many times you promise to fill your Keep Cup with instant coffee so as to save your ever-plumetting bank balance, us Brisbanite’s know that it is just not the same as having your favourite barista lovingly make your morning jump juice.

You know deep down that you have made the right decision to leave your Nescafe at home. That $4 cup of liquid gold is worth it.

Instinctively understanding the needs of the people (enter: us), the team from Wolff Coffee Roasters resonate with our caffeine addictions: they get that Brisbane is just simply lacking without a celebration of the beverage we hold dearest. So gear up, guys, because we're getting a Speciality Coffee Festival! FREAK OUT!

This epic free festival will be getting the town caffeinated at Wolff’s Hendra warehouse, and promises an entire day dedicated to cupping, roasting, tours of the roastery, latte artwork (actually mesmerising), oh, and serving up some of the best coffee in town!

As well as getting your coffee fix, some of Brisbane's best food trucks will aslo be in attendance, including That Greek Truck, Mr Burger, Wild Rissole and Queen Of Pops (because their coffee ice cream pops rock our world). For a personalised roasting experience, you can even take part in masterclasses, while those keen on brushing up on their coffee tricks can check out the AeroPress Championships for $10, which includes free beverages and a dance off.

Raise your cups, Brisbane, this is one event you do NOT want to miss!

The Details

What: Specialty Coffee Festival
Where: Wolff Coffee Roasters, Hendra
When: Saturday 2 September, 8am–4pm.

For all the details, click here.

Image details: Ariana Gillrie

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