Brisbane’s Best Study Nooks For Last Minute Cramming

By Gabbi Johnston
11th Nov 2015

Brisbane's Best Cafes Wifi

The Jacarandas are blooming and uni students are in lockdown, which means it’s exam time around the city. But who wants to study and smash out that last 1000 words while staring at the wall in a library? Coffee and cheap eats are a uni student’s saving grace during exam time, so we’ve come up with some of the best Brisbane cafes to go that can offer just that, plus a great wifi connection so you can procrastinate on Facebook look up important definitions and study tips.

Cawfee Café & Bar


Right in the heart of the city, not only is Cawfee Cafe & Bar convenient to get to, but it also has seating inside and outside, equipped with bright pink cushions, plenty of space to spread out, and plenty of wifi to go around. You can get a coffee and a bagel for less than $10, which has lunch and your caffeine fix sorted, which means all you need to worry about is whether or not you remembered to bring your text book.

The Library Café


We know we said we’d get you out of the library, but this one meets all your studying needs. The Library Cafe has all the benefits of a library – the quietness and the wifi – with the added bonus of coffee and fresh food (save the Doritos and M&Ms for all-nighter fuel) sourced from all around Australia. Also, it’s located in the State Library of Queensland, which means if you need an actual library, you don’t need to roam too far.

Hedge Espresso


If you live out in the suburbs and don’t feel like venturing all the way into the CBD to get your coffee fix, Hedge Espresso is your answer. Tucked away in the quiet streets of Salisbury, Hedge has plenty of room for you and your study group to set up camp, either inside or outside, and a brunch menu that will satisfy even the hungriest of studiers.

Bean Café


Despite being nestled beneath the bustling streets of the city, at Bean Café the city sounds are muffled and the smell of car fumes are replaced with the sounds of calming indie music and the sweet, sweet aroma of quality coffee. Next to every table is a powerpoint, and there are even couches if you studying in comfort is more your style. With a brand new breakfast and lunch menu, Bean is open all day for your convenience. And if you have managed to lose track of time and spend the whole day there you can finish off your study session with a cold glass of beer. Or wine. Or whatever takes your fancy, really.

Morning After

West End

It’s like you’re studying at a picnic! Except there’s no ants, there’s delicious food, and there’s wifi, which is unlike any picnic I’ve been to… Morning After is the perfect place to go the day before that report is due. Located in the quieter part of West End, there’s no traffic noise to break your concentration, and to top it off, their menu is full of healthy, and indulgent foods.

The Woollongabba Social Club


With plenty of space for those annoying group meetings, or just enough room to set up a solo study session, The Woollongabba Social Club is the perfect atmosphere to knuckle down and get stuff done. Their wifi is strong and their coffee is stronger, and their food ranges from a well-edited breakfast menu to delicious sweet treats, to suit whatever you think will give you motivation.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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