Brisbane’s Best Vegan Breakfasts

By Laura Walkley
28th Oct 2015

Haven’t you heard? Eggs and bacon are not the only delicious brunch option in Brisbane anymore! Brisbane is rapidly growing in vegan friendly alternatives that involve insanely innovative creations that you’d only expect to see state-side. 

So whether you’re trying to make it through meat-free Monday or you’re a herbivore seven days a week, these Brisbane vegan restaurants will make sure you never have to sacrifice a brunch with friends or the pleasure of whipped cream on your tastebuds!

Bowen Arrow Cafe

Bowen Hills

Bowen Arrow Café in Bowen Hills makes sure the meat-free peeps never feel sidelined, with their delectable breakfast options like the sweet potato rosti bagel with cashew cream. There's also epic vegan muffins, along with a range of gourmet sweet and savoury bagels. 

The Green Edge


The infamous kale, tofu breakfast wrap can be found at The Green Edge in Windsor, and it’ll likely be the tastiest breakfast you’ve demolished this year. Be sure to order a vegan iced drink and be ready to feel renewed vigour at the swirl of dairy-free whipped cream that’s generously heaped on top.

Fundies Wholefood Cafe


Fundies in Paddington, which doubles as a brilliant grocer, has it’s vegan brunch game on fleek. With options like a vegan big breakfast, scrambled tofu and a range of tantalising smoothies, you’ll find every reason to make it your regular Sunday morning spot, and your new Coles.

The Beach House

South Bank

If you’re looking for a superfood breakfast, go no further than The Beach House. Their cold-pressed juices, smoothes and delicious superfood bowls will fill any acai, goji berry, maca or cacao void.  And their dairy-free fro-yo is everything you’re missing for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The Forest Vegan Cafe

West End

A breakfast burrito with chips and fresh juice for $12? That’s what The Forest Vegan Cafe in West End is presenting to it’s very happy regulars. The welcoming cafe is a great place to bring a resistant meat-eating friend- they’ll be shocked at the plethora of wonderful options that don’t break the bank.

Love Juice Superfood Bar


There’s nothing vegans love more than an acai bowl, and Love Juice Superfood Bar at Manly is a top contender for the best bowl in Brisbane. With Rawtella and Caramello bowls to hit the sweet spot, and a Summer Body Bowl to reach your #goals, you won’t find a smoother breakfast for miles.

King Kale & Co


Muffins of the dairy and gluten free sort are in abundance at King Kale & Co in Albion. The adorable little vegetarian cafe specialises in ethically sourced nibbles that taste even better than they look. The chocolate cupcakes with coconut ganache are a breakfast of champions. Didn’t anyone tell you being vegan meant eating chocolate cake for breakfast?

Canter & Colt

Samford Village

Pair a beautiful Sunday Drive with a coconut yogurt and muesli at Canter & Colt in Samford Village. The grocer/cafe serves up most delicious vegan banana bread and granola you can’t beat elsewhere.

Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

Greenslopes & Everton Park

The iconic vegan meal, banana nice-cream is on another level at Charlie’s Raw Squeeze, with chocolate sauce and flavours from strawberry to mango. The smoothies here are also 100% vegan and have wonderfully creative flavours such as Cotton Candy and Pina Colada.

Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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