Brisbane’s Cosiest Cafes

By Catherine Blake
25th Jul 2015

Before we embark on our list of Brisbane’s cosiest cafés, let’s just establish that ever since Ugg boots entered the realm of fashion faux pas, leaving the house in winter sucks.

Venturing out into cold weather goes against every basic instinct I have. There are only so many layers I can don before my mobility is hindered and I give up to go watch Netflix from the cuddly comfort of my slanket. Often it’s my dependence on caffeine that coaxes me out of the hovel, but I have been long starved of anything to keep me from scurrying back home to hibernate until spring.

Thank Buddha for the smattering of cosy coffee houses dotted about Brisbane providing homey comfort when the chill has weathered you into a curmudgeon. 

Here are some of Brisbane’s cosiest cafés, perfect for those chilly days that suck your will to live like a Dyson. Bring on the blizzard:

John Mills Himself

Brisbane CBD

Known for its evening trade as a spirit-raising speakeasy, John Mills’ daytime persona is a warm and friendly alcove where punters can warm up with a brilliant coffee or one of their delicious hot chocolates. Access is via Archive Books on Charlotte Street so you can pick up a second paperback on your way in.

The Three Monkeys

West End

With their cushioned booths, dim lighting and bottomless bowls of their renowned chai, The Three Monkeys is perfectly equipped to enable my constant need for a home away from home. I’ve actually tried to stay overnight so many times I’m on first name terms with all the officers at the police beat.

Gertrude and Mabel

Dutton Park

I don’t know Gertrude and Mabel personally, but if this Brisbane café is anything to go by, I’d wager they were gifted bakesmiths with an almost excessive array of knitwear. Come down for morning tea and box of Greek biscuits to take with you.

Apples on Ainsworth


Done up like grandma’s kitchen, Apples on Ainsworth makes for an almost painfully cosy café retreat. Think knitted cosies on the teapots, souvenir spoons and a collection of nostalgic knick-knackery to adorn walls. With a quirky and familiar community vibe, Apples on Ainsworth is a tremendously cosy spot.

Scout Café

Petrie Terrace

If you had any doubts about the potentially warming effect Scout can produce, the raging fire by the communal table should quash them quicksticks. Nestle in with your standard brew and maybe play a board game with some friendly strangers. Alternatively, park yourself at a table by the window watch the outside world without actually being in it #bestofbothworlds.

Bean Café

Brisbane CBD

If what Tolkein said was true, deep roots are not reached by frost. Take a lead anf hunker down in this basement cranny off George Street for a comfy couch, warm charge, and a wee squint at some local artworks adorning Bean.

Avid Reader

West End

At the very back of the Avid Reader is the perfect nook for hypothermic bookworms and an ideal place to roost with a read. Passionate readers can get off on the abstract collection of novels and tomes and feed their coffee habit which no doubt kept them up half the night with Jonathan Franzen’s latest.

The Menagerie

Kelvin Grove

Settle in amongst the flower pots and botanical at The Menagerie and get your cose on with a jar off their hot drinks menu. Choose from concoctions like their Whisky Chai, Orahovac Hot Chocolate or the Dark Chocolate Jaffa with a shot of Cointreau and really warm your cockles.

Spring Hill Café

Spring Hill

Boasting one of our favourite breakfast menus, fresh baked cakes, slammin’ brews and a small in-house library, Spring Hill Café is the perfect place to get cosy this winter. The ambience, attentive staff, not to mention food and coffee are brilliant warmers that will make you glad you ventured out.

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