Guys, We Need To Talk About Jindalee

By Rachel Lay
26th Jan 2017

Best Cafes Jindalee

Conversations involving Jindalee usually centre around this pattern: you mention a cute new coffee shop that’s just opened up, you tell them where it is and you get the response, “Jindalee? Hmm never heard of it. Where’s that?”

If you’re unfamiliar with Jindalee, you’re missing out. There’s so much going on in this little pocket of Brisbane that you need to get amongst it, stat. We’ve put together a short but useful list of the must-hit spots in Jindo.

Piggy Back Café

Newly opened Piggy Back Café is the newest venture from Venzin Group (fans of Paw Paw Café, it’s the same guys!) and we’re kind of obsessed with it. Renowned for their famous rainbow lattes—seriously, people come from the world over to try these things—and their delectable food, you’re going to want to make the trek to visit these guys. For breakfast done differently, try the matcha avocado or the red velvet French toast.

Bare Bones Society

Bare Bones Society is all about the hipster vibes. With an ever-changing menu you need to make your visits frequent. For desserts almost too pretty to eat and mains that will deliver a serious foodgasm this is your go-to. Thanks Jindalee, we owe you for this one!

The Nook

The Nook is the OG food destination in Jindalee, and it’s still serving up the best food ever. With a seriously adorable setting that would not be out of a place in a movie, we reckon this place is well worth the drive. The breakfast burrito is enough to win us over, but the dinner menu is where the real magic happens: order the braised lamb shoulder and never look back!

My Pho Bar

My Pho Bar is famous for their crazy Superbowl Pho challenge; it’s like a huuuuuge bowl of pho and challengers need to eat it in a certain amount of time. Between us, it’s some of the best pho in Brisbane (in the normal sized serving, mind you) so get amongst My Pho Bar. These guys also dish up a whole range of other delicious Vietnamese goodies.

Image credit: Yaseera Moosa

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