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Say Awww, Lone Pine Sanctuary Is Letting You Watch Koalas On Live Stream 24/7

By Ranyhyn Laine
20th Mar 2020

Lone Pine Koala Livestream

While we shouldn’t be burying our heads in the sand on the situation that we’re facing, sometimes, disconnecting from the noise is necessary. The legends over at Lone Pine Sanctuary are helping you find some catharsis in your day with several live streams watching candidly over their furry friends.

Jump online to see Lone Pine's web cams and you'll be able to see their famous koala cuddle train—cue the awww moment. It's not just cute koalas on cam either—there's koala joeys jumping around, kangaroos and emus enjoying the new green grass after the rain, playful dingo puppies, reptiles (skinks and dragons), and even platypus frolicking underwater. Night-vision cameras mean you won't miss the secret nocturnal life, so you really can watch them 24/7.

So, want your productivity to take a hit for the rest of the pandemic? Head over here and stay glued to your screen for the forseeable future. 

You can watch more animals live on camera at the Melbourne Zoo here

Image credit: Jordan Whitt

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