Our Picks Of The Best Fitness Classes InĀ Brisbane

By Ash Hopping
7th Nov 2016

best fitness classes Brisbane

If you’re anything like us, exercise can feel more like a form of medieval turture than something you'd actually do for health benefits (let alone for fun)! For some, the whole forcing yourself out of bed in the morning for a 'refreshing' jog or walking on a treadmill for an hour with banger after banger of 'energising' Spotify playlists booming in your ear is a punish. 

Living in Brisbane, though means we have access to a whole bunch of awesome not-boring-at-all fitness classes that will mend the somewhat tumultuous relationship you have with exercise. Getting (and more importantly, staying) fit can be totally enjoyable, fun even. Who knew?

Here's our picks of Brisbane's best fitness classes that will get the pulse racing and the creative juices flowing. Not a treadmill or 5km run in sight.

Yo! Yoga

New Farm

Beyonce fans, unite! This one is for you. Yo! Yoga’s classes deliver yoga techniques with a difference: hip hop. These classes will have you busting d-floor shapes so hard you’ll forget you’re also getting super sculpted. They have a bunch of different class options catering for beginners through to the most experienced of yogis. 

Pure Health Clubs

Various locations

Pure is known for their insane selection of classes and keen understanding of exactly how different moves will benefit you in different ways. We love their unique suspension classes, which incorporate TRX trainers and your own body weight to give you a total-body workout that increases balance and flexibility. It’s like stretching and strength training come together in one glorious, endorphin-filled bundle.

Bounce Fit


Remember when you were six years old and jumping on the trampoline was the best thing ever? Bring back some of that nostalgic glee with a fitness class at Bounce Fit. Their trampoline classes are a workout made in heaven; 45 minutes of high-intensity low-impact cardio to give you a stronger core, lift your heart rate and improve muscle tone. NASA have even said that rebound exercise is ‘the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man’… You can’t argue with science.

True Grit

Various locations

If you’re totally hardcore and want to train like a soldier, you have to get into True Grit. Their courses are ten kilometres of military-style obstacles posing a challenge for not only your physical health, but also mental stamina. You can train for an even or just go for a great workout. The best part? You don’t even need to be super fit to get started! Their courses are designed for basic fitness levels, so even the rustiest of couch potatoes can attend.

Lagree Fitness at Studio 45

Various locations

Are you vigorous, motivated and efficient with your time? Lagree Fitness is the hottest Hollywood workout that has made its way to our shores to promise Aussies a 700-calorie burning workout in just 45 minutes. They combine Pilates, strength training, cardio, resistance and counter-resistance to jump start your metabolism and get you sweating hard.


Spring Hill

Brisbane Barre is a gorgeous boutique studio tucked away in Spring Hill that delivers kick-ass barre classes guaranteed to sculpt and tone your bod in no time. Barre workouts help to build muscle, get your metabolism pumping and of course burn calories—and they’ll help to support everything else you have going on, whether that’s your normal exercise routine or helping you sit up a little straighter at your 9 to 5.

Facilities Fitness


Facilities Fitness is for anyone that actually wants a challenge and is dead set on getting results. Classes are collaborative, high-intensity and a lot of fun! Those that numbers and facts will love the state-of-the-art progress tracking system that monitors gym attendees performances. Serious new-age stuff.

Studio Pilates

Various locations

If reformer pilates is your fitness jam, then Studio Pilates is your go-to. With super high-tech equipment, sleek AF fit-outs, combined with expert trainers, 45-minute workouts that are fun and the fact you'll shed some serious calories, look forward to lean limbs and a super tight core, pronto!

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Image credit: Studio Pilates by Ariana Gillrie

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